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Ho Hum. Another City Switches To LibreOffice

“The experiments taught the IT department that when installing LibreOffice, the proprietary predecessor should be removed. “If a workstation had both, users would revert to the old tool whenever they had a difficulty”…  In Nantes, 75 percent of the users … Continue reading

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Grousing Again

Had a nice afternoon. Took a couple of walks in the bush. Not a grouse in sight. Oh, well. We got some exercise and fellowship. Talked a bit about firearms, hunting and electric vehicles. We agreed electric cars are neat … Continue reading

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Thinking Of Buying An Electric Vehicle

“Manitoba has among the lowest electricity rates in North America, making an EV inexpensive to charge. An EV that travels 15,000 km per year would use approximately the same amount of energy every year as a typical electric water heater. … Continue reading

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GOP – Party of Deplorables

“I had forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington” See Kirk’s Retort About Duckworth’s Race at Senate Debate Draws CriticismThe general election in USA for 2016 reminds me how disgusting GOP is. They are … Continue reading

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Securing Software Is Not Enough

“Not only does our attack show that practical, deterministic Rowhammer attacks are a real threat for billions of mobile users, but it is also the first effort to show that Rowhammer is even possible at all (and reliably exploitable) on … Continue reading

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Feeling Paleolithic? We’re On The Way Back In Time.

The Paleolithic Era was marked by the advance of hunting/gathering and the spread of humanity over the globe. By burning millions of years’ production of hydrocarbons in a century or so, we’ve brought CO2 back to the “good old days”. … Continue reading

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Trump Brand Takes A Hit

“The opening date for the Vancouver hotel has been delayed until 2017, well after November’s US election. A contest offering a chance to meet with the Trump family for the grand opening caused a stir. Across the country, the Toronto building, … Continue reading

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Preparing to Hunt

Well, the grouse are definitely winning. I haven’t even seen one this season, so I guess I’ll hunt deer. My muzzle-loading season starts in a week. I don’t even need to check that equipment because it’s so reliable. Yesterday, two … Continue reading

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OOPS! Sometimes Even Linus Gets It Wrong!

“Today, October 20, 2016, Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced three new maintenance updates for the Linux 4.8, 4.7, and 4.4 LTS kernel series, patching a major security vulnerability. Known as “Dirty COW,” the Linux kernel vulnerability documented at CVE-2016-5195 is, … Continue reading

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Chuckle. Trump’s Tweets Are Another Shot To His Feet

“A new tool, Troll Trump, lets supporters sign up to automatically donate 50 cents, $1, $3, $5, $10 or other amounts every time the Republican presidential nominee tweets. (Given his past habits on the platform, that could turn out to … Continue reading

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This Could Be Important, A Means To Readily Convert CO2 To Ethanol Electrically

“we report a common element, nanostructured catalyst for the direct electrochemical conversion of CO2 to ethanol with high Faradaic efficiency (63 % at −1.2 V vs RHE) and high selectivity (84 %) that operates in water and at ambient temperature and pressure. Lacking … Continue reading

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Some Dirt Is Better Than Others

“this latest ruling, from the very court that upended things nearly two decades ago in declaring software much more broadly patentable than anyone believed, may now be the nail in the coffin on software patents in the US. The headline, … Continue reading

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