Germany While Leading In Adoption Of FLOSS Still Has Luddites In High Places

“The advocacy group is pleased with the opposition’s support for free software. However, they’re disappointed by the lack of understanding by the two current government coalition parties (SPD and CDU). The latter considers modifying source code dangerous, writes the FSFE, while the former remains vague on any commitment to free software”
See German free software proponents approach lawmakers
It’s ironic that a country that leads in many areas of Free/Libre Open Source Software is lead by governments that have doubts about FLOSS. If they won’t lead they should follow or get out of the way…

Reluctance to embrace FLOSS often stems from ignorance. We can’t all be techies. Still, everyone I know values cooperation and that’s what FLOSS is all about, the world cooperating to make its own software, sharing the load, sharing ideas, sharing… It’s not that difficult a concept. Families do it. Friends do it. Communities do it. Why not governments? Why not everyone involved in IT? It’s the right way to do IT.

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  1. dougman says:

    Why should governments embrace FLOSS, when they get paid to use M$?

    BTW: Merkel now regrets open-arm immigration.

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