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Lemaker Cello News

“Appologize to delay the Cello board again. We produced 10PCS samples on sencond-stage in July and sent to Linaro and AMD to debug. Still the problem is on the PCIE connector. The PCIE power rails, clock, reset signal and tx … Continue reading

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Germany While Leading In Adoption Of FLOSS Still Has Luddites In High Places

“The advocacy group is pleased with the opposition’s support for free software. However, they’re disappointed by the lack of understanding by the two current government coalition parties (SPD and CDU). The latter considers modifying source code dangerous, writes the FSFE, … Continue reading

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Saving The Old Folks

“Experts are cautious because the drug, Aducanumab, is still in the early stages of development.But a study in Nature has shown it is safe and hinted that it halts memory decline.Larger studies are now under way to fully evaluate the … Continue reading

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