M$ Tries But Just Doesn’t Get FLOSS

“Microsoft has laid part of the blame for Bing Maps’ mis-location of the Australian city of Melbourne by a whole hemisphere on Wikipedia.
Yes, Wikipedia, “the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.””
See Microsoft’s maps lost Melbourne because it used bad Wikipedia data
You just couldn’t make this stuff up but M$ can. They do it quite regularly, basing important design decisions on grains of sand. Regularly, their house falls down.

Consider this:

  • Melbourne is a well-known city at a certain place on the globe. You can bank on that.
  • Go ahead, create a database of that kind of data for use in your applications.
  • Live long and prosper.

Instead, M$ decided Wikipedia would be their database and they vacuumed the site for data, including sabotaged/typoed data. Come on. One of the largest and richest corporations on the planet does not vet their basic data? The mind boggles. Even back in the 1960s, when punch-cards were king, folks knew to check the data…

This is what drove me to GNU/Linux so many years ago. M$ was shipping an OS that could not stand up for a few hours of continuous use in my classroom way back in 1999. They were shipping known-buggy software as if they had a monopoly on desktop OS. They did for ordinary folks but I was a DIYer, a technological sponge and I had heard of and actually seen one instance of GNU/Linux (that failed installation) and I got it to work flawlessly on all of my PCs just by burning a CD and describing basic data for each of five monitors… How can a business run that way? Only under monopoly. Free markets don’t tolerate that behaviour. Even in 2016 they still do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. FLOSS is wonderful. Wikipedia is wonderful, but you have to actually think about what you are doing to use both. Something as simple as obtaining coordinates from two independent sources would have greatly reduced the chances of such a failure. Cost? A few dollars. Benefit? Happy users.

Here, let me help. Melbourne shows up on the CIA’s world book. Can you scan their map for coordinates? Is it drastically different from your value? Check it out… That’s how FLOSS should work. Sharing data is powerful but you have to actually test the stuff before pushing it to your users.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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11 Responses to M$ Tries But Just Doesn’t Get FLOSS

  1. Agent Smith says:

    It’s always someone else’s fault, not MS… As always.

  2. oiaohm says:

    dougman did you not read the list you linked to. US Navy Super hornet has been massively used and that model aircraft responsible for a lot of civilian deaths overseas. And on the performers list it in the exact same colour set that the some of the refuges would have seen civilians die from.

    What USA aircraft, it is a Canadian airshow you idiot.
    No you are the idiot who did not read the list.
    Yes it Navy based Super Hornets that are used in Iraq and many other places.

    Reality is there are a lot of other aircraft making of the Canadian airshow I don’t think removing the U.S. NAVY F/A 18F SUPER HORNET would be a problem considering it is a active weapon system in the same colours that refuges could have had first hand experience being on the wrong side of.

    Do note the CF-18 Hornet Demo on the list. It is a F/A 18F Super hornet but using a repainted aircraft not in combat colours but in display colours. Display colours never go into combat and display colour aircraft are normally not armed. This is what you would call due consideration. Don’t put active war field coloured aircraft above areas with refuges unless there is no other choice. Of course doing this does not prevent having a air-show.

    So there are two of the same model aircraft at the airshow just owned by different mil and in different colours one I class as the correct thing. Really it would not be hard for the USA mil to send there F/A 18F Super hornet in display colours instead of combat colours so a least when if refuges look up they don’t see the same aircraft that use to attack them.

    dougman some of the biggest mistakes USA has made with he Super Hornet has been against Christians not Muslims. So it could upset Christian refugees quite badly. So this is not a Muslim thing at all this is what aircraft have refugees possibly been on wrong side of and not had enough time to have had proper medical treatment for to get over it. “U.S. NAVY F/A 18F SUPER HORNET” is just the wrong aircraft for what refugees would be in Canada. Please note a display coloured USA Mil Super Hornet does not have the words U.S. NAVY in it description.

    So I do see a reason why people could be upset over the current Canada air-show plans.

  3. dougman says:

    “The problem why refuges have issue with USA military style aircraft is a major behaviour problem of USA military.”

    What USA aircraft, it is a Canadian airshow you idiot.


    Yes, Muslims will be fraught with fear over a SCHWEIZER GLIDER *rolls-eyes*

  4. oiaohm says:

    dougman that video is a puff piece in the worst possible way.
    The problem why refuges have issue with USA military style aircraft is a major behaviour problem of USA military.

    The video you brought in is full of deluded facts. The sad reality is the USA is not the good guy in a lot of cases. But one of the bad guys bombing civilians. So of course you cannot expect lots of refuges to look up see a USA mil design aircraft and go that is a friend attempt to rescue us when they have seen aircraft like that then own relations die who are civilians.

    I am not saying that airshow should be banned at all but acceptance of miss deeds is required and its those miss deeds that cause the problem. Ideal is that the USA force would learn to fight inside UN rules so not hurting as many civilians then most refuges might look up and see USA mil aircraft as friends.

    dougman being a idiot I used the term domestic violence for a reason.

    The studies on terrorism sources find what is now called Intimate terrorism, Situational couple violence, Mutual violent control and Sexual violence all increase the odds that the person committing or be exposed will increase odds of person committing terrorist act. So almost everything makes up what is called domestic violence is linked. It all about reducing how much a person respects another person life. So again dougman you have focused in way to tight again.

    Intimate terrorism term only started being used in 2006 before that it was called a controlling relationship. It was renamed due to early research showing that controlling relationships was in fact directly linked to rate of terrorism in broader community so it came Intimate Terrorism latter studies show the other ones are linked as well.

    The reality here dougman what happens in the home ends up directly effecting what happens in the broader community.

    So its not me who marries domestic violence and general community terrorists is the studies into where general community terrorist come from looking for common elements. There are many PHD written papers on this topic. This is the problem I am not use guess work on what needs to be done dougman.

    You could say that existence of domestic violence is evidence of lack of person to person respect particularly over the other person welfare. If a person does not respect the life of the people they live with excepting them to respect the life of other people they don’t know as well is kinda super big stretch. So in some ways domestic violence is a symptom of the mental conditioning that create terrorists.

    dougman you would not hunt for bipolar by sorting people into religion groups. The base of terrorism is a form of mental illness. So you hunt for it the same way looking for symptoms and if you treat the symptoms you stop the illness development.

    So we have two options here. Attempt to catch every person when they plan a terrorist act or attempt to prevent them from being a terrorist in the first place. The second one long term will be simpler.

  5. dougman says:

    Ham-bone rides in to rescue us…with his wall-of-text and deluded facts, only he would try to marry terrorism to domestic violence. Shall we just call it INTIMATE TERRORISM??

    Canadians are so caring, they are willing to cancel an air-show as it may be traumatizing to ‘fugue’s.


  6. oiaohm says:


    dougman there are some very interesting numbers. A bigger common factor than religion to terrorism is nothing other than domestic violence. Almost 100 percent of those who conduct terrorism have either carried out domestic violence or being on the receiving end of domestic violence and the ones not effected by domestic violence were the victims of bulling at school and the like. So two categories cover the let.

    Of course a lot of Islamic groups follow prior to islam bad treatment of women and those groups are massively more likely to produce terrorism.

    So there are features to look for to locate groups with high risk of being a terrorist source and those features are not religion based but behaviour based. So any Christian/Jewish/Islamic… preaching bad treatment of men or women or children in the home you don’t want because all those groups will be terrorist sources.

    Australian has started quite a heavy anti-bulling and anti-domestic violence program since the relationship between terrorist and those actions were found.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim.
    dougman contains are 100 percent false part. Not every terrorist is a Muslim. Yes Not every Muslim is a terrorist is true. So that sentence is mixing truth with lies.

    The different here is the Jewish Extremist and Christian Extremist most of the time for there actions don’t get media coverage what they are in the USA so USA people get a distorted point of view on what terrorists are attacking the USA.

    Heh… obviously you have your head in teh sand.
    dougman really its about time you pull your head out the sand and start reading the stats.

    By the way
    dougman it does not matter were you look you never get to 100 percent muslim using particular actions. Interesting thing in israel is the Jewish and Christian extremists more use firearms or placed explosives.

    Interesting enough most of the anti-abortion bombing and property crime trace to one so call Christian extremist group called the army of god in the USA.

    The reality here dougman you have your head so far in the sand it not funny. Remove all Muslim form the USA would not stop all terrorism in the USA. Remove all Extremists from the USA by one means or another then you could stop all terrorism in the USA.

    Focusing on one group too much means leaving the other extremist groups to their own devices more. Anti extremist policies are required just not targeted at a single religion group on it own.

  8. dougman says:

    Refugees, immigrants, migrants…vagrants. All the same to me; but you never agreed that countries should be vetting individuals before being accepted to a country. So you would let just anyone enter and take up residence.

    “They are not out to get you.”

    Heh… obviously you have your head in teh sand.


    Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim.

    The politicians that have created the migrant crisis in Canada know that a small percentage of Syrian migrants will be terrorists, but they just do not care.Those on the left know that the vast majority of immigrants vote Liberal, so they are willing to sacrifice Canadian lives for power. If you voted for Trudeau, you are getting exactly what you asked for – enjoy!

  9. dougman wrote, “Many of the largest and richest countries on the planet does not vet their basic immigrants? The mind boggles.”

    Refugees. Get your mind around the concept. They are not out to get you. They are fleeing tyranny and war for their lives like many of our ancestors did in the old days. Where I live there have been waves of immigration: famine in England/Scotland, ~WWI slaughter, Ukrainian slaughter, WWII slaughter, Viet Nam slaughter, and The Draft… None of those folks were “out to get us”. We are better off for having admitted them. They appreciate what Canada offers. They work hard. They make the world a better place, the hard way. Places that descend into chaos far enough to displace millions are doubly worse off because the refugees depart. Imagine what a paradise Syria would be today if folks did the right thing five years ago. See Lebanon today? There was a time when it descended into chaos and it took two generations to making it livable. It will take another generation to get back to what they had before the chaos. Losing refugees hurt Lebanon almost as much as the destruction. You can replace a destroyed building in a few years but you can’t get most refugees to return. My wife fled Philippines’ dictatorship. She came to Canada with $1K in her pocket and nothing else. Now she can write a cheque for that amount any day of the week and her bank loves her. Would the world have been better if she had stayed living in slavery/corruption/murder? I don’t think so. Philippines has been bleeding refugees for decades now and it’s still in chaos with the current president authorizing murder to streamline the judicial/legal system… Filipinos have been huge assets to every country that has taken them in. I know many and none are in jail or on welfare. Many are professionals such as nurses or dentists and they’ve helped stem the shortage of bodies in those professions. It’s just silly to do anything to discourage refugees short of being unable to cope with the numbers. Canada, for instance, is taking more than USA despite ten times smaller population and there’s no crisis.

  10. dougman says:

    Well, ahem. One could look at this another way.

    Come on. Many of the largest and richest countries on the planet does not vet their basic immigrants? The mind boggles.

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