M$ Uses GNU/Linux. Why Not You?

“microsoft.com is hosted on Linux. According to Netcraft, so are dozens of other Microsoft sites and servicesFor much of Linux’s early history, Microsoft was an enemy—maybe even the enemy. Even as late as 2001, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO and ball-buster-in-chief, called Linux a “cancer”.”
See A New Project for Linux at 25

Yep. There hasn’t been much real reason not to use GNU/Linux since about 1995 when the original distros thrived. I’ve been using GNU/Linux almost exclusively since 2000. All kinds of individuals and organizations large and small have been using it too. If M$ uses it when it obviously could use its own OS, you have to ask “Why?”. The answer is simple. GNU/Linux works for people and gets the job done. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. Go on , give it a try.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    dougman and it was a list of minor bugs that Windows and Linux both suffer from. Broke the rule don’t throw stones while standing in a glass house.

  2. dougman says:

    “Desktop Linux is so far behind, and still suffering from bugs”

    Rather minor bugs, over LAN-wide encrypted malware any day.


  3. dougman wrote, “Only IDIOTS dual-boot Windows and Linux anymore.”

    Yep. I agree with that. I haven’t dual-booted TOOS and GNU/Linux since about 2006 and that was in a lab where the school had periodic evaluation/reporting software that was TOOS-only.

    These days there is so much software available on GNU/Linux that it’s just not right to say more than a few percent of users of PCs/servers need TOOS for some particular application. Even then, such applications may be accessible from a web-browser or a thin client. Each new release of TOOS just releases more vulnerabilities and bugs into the wild.

  4. kurkosdr wrote, “(such as tearing in video due to lack of proper v-sync in x.org and laggy audio because of PulseAudio, to name some), that wasting HDD space for Desktop Linux in 2016, when you have a copy of Windows handy, is silly.”

    Actually, I’ve only once or twice seen tearing in any GNU/Linux on any hardware since 2000. My little Odroid-C2 doesn’t tear at all. It just skips frames beyond about half-screen video at 1920x1080p. It’s very nice for YouTube which is TLW’s main usage. Wayland would make it perfectly usable. CPU usage is greater than Beast, of course, but the throughput is there. By cutting out X it would be usable as a thick client. So, the unit I’m working with could replace her current thin client with a big improvement in video performance. That would be done but my HDMI to VGA adapter has not yet arrived. She wants to be able to watch/listen to TV while browsing so she wants her LCD monitor on the client, otherwise the Odroid-C2 would be in her office today. I’ve been playing with it for over a week now and tried two distros. It’s definitely solid hardware and the software is evolving as it should. I like it. ARM should do more for the Linux kernel and its hardware to move this project along. We’re not using 3/4 of the device’s video capability.

  5. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr ever heard of Microsoft Sonic.

    That is a customised Debian Linux for Microsoft network switches.

    If you dig back in Microsoft did release a custom Linux back then for network stuff as well. So a Microsoft Linux something is not exactly a new thing.

    Does he know the page he links to (mslinux.org) is a joke? Or this is some kind of sarcasm I don’t get?
    Its sarcasm you don’t get Microsoft first patch in the linux kernel is the year 2000 same year that page was created. It also caused people to look around for where in heck was Microsoft using Linux because you would not be patching something you are not using right? Its was sarcasm about Microsoft submitting code that some took the point of view Microsoft would some how take over and how insane that idea was.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Dolby Digital Live via SPDIF really kurkosdr that has been supported since 2011/2012 interesting point is pulseaudio has on fly transcoding between the different SPDIF standards guess what windows does not.

    kurkosdr video tearing issues are in fact in XP they were only started being fixed in windows starting with Vista. Most XP applications avoided the tearing by locking to full screen.
    Here is a Windows 7 tearing videos with AMD cards quite nicely thank you very much. So video tearing is not a Linux only issue.

    Microsoft has changed a few more things in Windows 10 attempting to fix the video tearing issue. Linux and Windows on video tearing is about the same. Wayland solves the problem once and for all starting a project to rebuilding the complete stack. Windows 10 has started blacking listing applications that use old methods that will cause it to tear. Basically both Linux and Windows are having to change the graphical interfaces to fix this issue.

    Windows 95 didn’t have right please go back and run it. Video tearing and sometimes having and sometimes not having v-sync that is Windows 9x line and appears all the way into early Windows 10 drivers.

    Only idiots make claims like your kurkosdr. Yes there are some weakness in Linux but you just went and started a stack of weakness that exist all the way up to and including Windows 10.

    kurkosdr systemd is better than sysvinit or upstart was. Now if you are asking if I like openrc or systemd better I would say I like openrc more.

    Audio lagging guess what>
    That is a windows issue as well. Because of microsoft own internal mixing being set wrong for sound card is the most common cause. Linux gives it mixer a name called pulseaudio and a config file you can push it to correct. Windows stack of randomly bash things until the mixer decided to auto-diagnose itself the correct way.

    kurkosdr the reality here is there is a massive number of issues it does not matter if you are running Linux or Windows you have to put up with.

    ..very good power management.. that is subjective some laptops with Linux install run longer than windows installed depend on the hardware what one has better power management.

    kurkosdr the list you should have went for is.
    1) switchable graphics support
    2) library with a ton of applications, from BluRay players to PowerDirector to MPC-HC to Photoshop.

    Everything else you list was either subjective or wrong.

  7. kurkosdr says:

    Only IDIOTS dual-boot Windows and Linux anymore.

    One one hand, we have an OS with excellent switchable graphics support, very good power management, an awesome graphics/windowing system and an audio subsystem that does everything, Dolby Digital Live via SPDIF included. And has a library with a ton of applications, from BluRay players to PowerDirector to MPC-HC to Photoshop.

    And on the other hand we have Desktop Linux, with its X.org, PulseAudio and Systemd (*barf*).

    Indeed dogbrain, only idiots dual boot Windows and Linux anymore. Desktop Linux is so far behind, and still suffering from bugs Windows 95 didn’t have (such as tearing in video due to lack of proper v-sync in x.org and laggy audio because of PulseAudio, to name some), that wasting HDD space for Desktop Linux in 2016, when you have a copy of Windows handy, is silly.

    There are two kinds of users of Desktop Linux:
    1)The “4 sentences written by a loony programmer who couldn’t keep a job in the private sector somehow matter” kind of user, aka FOSSies
    2) Desktop Linux + wine = poor man’s windows (although you should really consider pirating Windows 7, it has some risks but still a better option).


    Okay, just to properly respond to your remark, this should actually worry the Desktop Linux crowd a lot (the idea it will actually hurt Windows in any way is silly, just look how many x86 systems around you are sold with Windows pre-installed). Because it means Microsoft doesn’t care anymore about dualboot systems. And since very few users run pure Desktop Linux, the whole marketing message that you can have Desktop Linux together with Windows, both running natively, which BTW is a major help in spreading the gospel of the Holy GNU, is at major risk.

  8. AdmFubar says:

    m$ was caught using linix on it public facing web servers years ago, it

  9. kurkosdr wrote, “Does he know the page he links to (mslinux.org) is a joke?”

    “In addition to acting Microsoft’s good cop on open source, Hilf also runs the Microsoft Linux lab, which consists of a few hundred servers and a variety of PCs running about 30 to 40 different Linux distributions, as well as almost all the different flavors of Unix, according to Hilf.
    It is in this lab that Microsoft does a lot of its internal benchmarking, comparing Windows Server to Linux; ASP.Net to PHP; and Microsoft Office to OpenOffice. But a lot of the lab’s testing involves interoperability, too, Hilf said.”
    See Meet the Head of Microsoft’s Linux Lab Perhaps it wasn’t an actual distro but M$ did customize the code and play with it for their purposes.

    That Hilf was hired in 2004 by M$. Think of that. While calling Linux a cancer, M$ hired Linux expertise. They did it for several reasons: to understand the competition, to learn to interoperate and to keep their irons in the fire no matter how the market moved.

  10. dougman, admitting to making wild delusional leaps of foolishness, wrote, “So you admit to having hemorrhoids”.

    I do not now nor have I ever had hemorrhoids. I lived in Riyadh for three years in the 1980s and had an apartment with bidet. It worked very well. Today, I often go from “the thrown” directly to the shower. It’s very efficient. dougman clearly lacks imagination or is fearful of change. He makes mountains out of the smallest things.

  11. kurkosdr says:

    (from linux)
    Yet, Microsoft introduced its own Linux distro in 2003,

    Does he know the page he links to (mslinux.org) is a joke? Or this is some kind of sarcasm I don’t get?


    Anyway, Microsoft appears to be running on GNU/Linux because of outsourcing. Aka the cdn they contracted out happens to be using GNU/Linux.

    Also, even if we assume GNU/Linux is good for a headless server, how does this negate the fact PulseAudio and X.org suck?

    PS: How is the fight with systemd going?

  12. dougman says:

    “I often don’t use toilet paper and I am not a muslim……Ever heard of a bidet?”

    So you admit to having hemorrhoids, dear heavens that’s TMI!

  13. Agent Smith says:

    Not, thanks but no Debian. It was corrupted by the likes of Red Rat, so, no.

    Please, a truly community distro, stand up.


  14. dougman, hating Islam, wrote:
    Muslim’s don’t use toilet paper, why not you? – I often don’t use toilet paper and I am not a muslim. I doubt dougman follows muslims into toilets either. Ever heard of a bidet? So, what’s his point? Nothing.

    Muslims are engaged in Jihad, why not you? – Jihad literally means “struggle” and is widely considered a positive thing. USAians often say, “Work hard”. It’s the same thing. It’s a perversion of Islam to equate jihad with terrorism/war. Those are just one of many forms of jihad and almost universally denigrated. Other forms of jihad are breaking addictions, striving in education or employment, all positive things. Dougman tends only to see negatives when considering Islam. That’s his problem, nothing to do with Islam.

    Islam oppresses women, why not you? – It’s true some communities treat women as “second class” but that’s local custom, not Islam. Islam requires women to be protected, something I believe is important in all societies because women tend to be smaller/weaker and bear children. ISTR that in USA and Canada, only recently were women allowed to vote so it’s not only muslims who have oppressed women. I remember my mother’s struggle in the 1960s to be equal. During WWII women did the work of men but were sent home to make babies afterward. I grant that some muslim communities seem still to be in the Dark Ages, but that’s not essential to Islam, just resistance to change. In USA, folks call such tendencies “conservative values”…

  15. dougman says:

    Coincidentally , Muslim’s don’t use toilet paper, why not you?

    Muslims are engaged in Jihad, why not you?

    Islam oppresses women, why not you?

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