All In A Day’s Work

I know. I’m retired, but I still do a lot of work. TLW has me on a short leash sometimes with some nasty jobs like planting her rocks or trees. I humour her because she keeps me supplied with pots for stuff I want to plant. It’s all good.

She pestered me to deepen a drainage channel, a job which is very hard thanks to clay, sticks and stones. I finally ran out of pots today but I still had ~25 caragana that needed to be moved from a wooden flat into deeper earth. I dug a 1m2 hole and filled it with loam. I began to plant the seedlings. They ranged in size from a few inches to a foot or so and all looked healthy, complete with the nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots. The plants were thriving despite over crowding. It was a delicate job to worry the roots of adjacent plants apart.

Much to my surprise, I found the last corner of the flat contained a nest of black ants. I was surprised because ants don’t like wetness and I hosed down this flat daily. I guess the good drainage of the loam, being in a corner with two sides draining and the productivity of the caragana worked for them. What to do? This is not a standard problem of physics, but I knew ants well enough that I was sure they would survive no matter what I did. I continued planting the seedlings as before with ants and eggs tangled in the roots. The ants would sort it out. I turned the empty flat, still crawling with ants, upside down beside the bed of caragana.

I did put in some time on TLW’s ditch. There’s only a metre or so before the water from the eaves will be truly free.

Icing on the cake was finding my new gigabit switch in the mailbox. Made in China but sold under the brand, TP-Link, it worked well instantly.

I wrote this post from our new Odroid-C2 client connected through the new switch to FireFox running on Beast. Performance is adequate but not spectacular. We definitely need the new Cello motherboard which was promised for Q2. The Cello has comparable performance and more RAM/more/faster storage in my plan.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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