DisARMing News

“Japan-based SoftBank’s GBP17 per share offer price gives ARM shareholders a 43% premium on Friday’s closing share price and a 41.1% premium on the all-time high share price.
SoftBank has also provided assurances it will maintain the headquarters of England-based ARM in Cambridge, while doubling ARM’s UK headcount in the next five years and increasing headcount outside the UK. SoftBank will also preserve ARM’s existing senior management team, brand and partnership-based business model.”
See SoftBank to acquire ARM
Sometimes, I get things wrong… I had an opportunity to buy shares in ARM but chose gold stocks instead… I had similar gains but the long term outlook of ARM is positive indefinitely unlike gold which is up and down.

There was always a danger that moneyed interests would buy up ARM and radically change it’s approach to technology. The buyers seem to appreciate that ARM is doing things the right way and will bulldoze the likes of Intel in everything. The world can and does make its own hardware with ARM. So, I see this as good news and an assurance that ARM will become too big to fail any time soon. At least my decision to buy ARMed hardware was correct. I ordered an Odroid-C2 a couple of days ago. It’s on its way and will soon replace TLW’s ancient VIA thin client. With faster networking, video and CPU for half the price and a quarter of the power consumption, ARM will do a much better job.

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5 Responses to DisARMing News

  1. dougman wrote, “Just buy from Amazon, you can send stuff back easy.”

    Done. I don’t expect to have to return anything.

  2. dougman says:

    China-man say, “10/100 = 1000! See the three zeros? It’s ah Gigabyte.”

    Just buy from Amazon, you can send stuff back easy.

  3. You China-haters will enjoy learning that my new network switch arrived. gigabit/s was advertised and 10/100 was delivered. If that’s not bad enough, the PSU was not operational. Apparently, I spent ~$25 for junk shipped around the world. This is not why I retired. 😉

  4. dougman says:

    Today one find this: http://www.techeye.net/business/microsoft-blocks-linux-installations

    The RT tablets were junk to begin with!

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