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Grapes And Things

A sure sign that we’ve turned the corner on the landscaping is that trees we’ve planted are growing, or at least surviving and a few are thriving. In the thriving category are grapes. This vine was planted last year from … Continue reading

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Yes, There Are Still Some Good Things In Life!

You’d never know it listening to Trump and some of the commentators here, but good things do happen, good things, like the discovery of some good edible mushrooms growing on a pile of firewood… These are a variety of Coprinus … Continue reading

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Radical Something In Quebec

“Of course, I’m confused. I don’t have my cell phone out. I’m not eating. I don’t think I’ve broken any rules,” she told CFRA’s Ottawa Now. “So he pulls me outside and says ‘I’m sorry. Your skirt is too short.’” See … Continue reading

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“Secure Boot” Strikes

“When I tried to install the operating system of my choice, I found it wasn’t possible because the computer had a Secure Boot loading option. This feature requires that any operating system installed on the computer must be authorized through … Continue reading

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