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Trump v. Clinton Forecast

“Stovall looked at the data for every presidential election going back to 1944 (FDR v. Dewey). If stocks rose in price from July 31 to October 31, the party that currently controlled the White House won the election 82% of … Continue reading

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Trump – Lowlife Scum Sociopath

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say… Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say.” See Fury as Trump mocks Muslim soldier’s mother Ghazala KhanKhizr Khan was right. If Trump had read … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Returns To FLOSS, Sort Of…

“This past week, Wal-Mart Stores WMT -0.37%, one of the largest retailers in the world proved it once again when they announced that they would make their application lifecycle management tool OneOps available as an open source project. Why give … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Returns – TLW Requires TOOS

“Whenever we opened an Office application it would crash. But also, every time someone in the company updated a file in one of the folders we had open – which tended to be the folders that were most active, so … Continue reading

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A Reminder Of Why I Hate Ubuntu

Yesterday I was reminded why I hate Ubuntu. I suddenly was unable to SSH into Odroid-C2. From Odroid-C2 I could do everything as normal. It turned out the IP address had changed despite my HOST declaration in Beast’s DHCP server … Continue reading

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All In A Day’s Work

I know. I’m retired, but I still do a lot of work. TLW has me on a short leash sometimes with some nasty jobs like planting her rocks or trees. I humour her because she keeps me supplied with pots … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Good Guys Win

“The Defendants have apparently misappropriated Ms. Highsmith’s generous gift to the American people. The Defendants are not only unlawfully charging licensing fees to people and organizations who were already authorized to reproduce and display the donated photographs for free, but … Continue reading

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Free Radeon

“Based on the Polaris GPU architecture, the Radeonâ„¢ Pro WX (workstation experience) graphics cards employ the latest advances in AMD’s fourth generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture are optimized for an extensive list of ISV applications. And they are fully … Continue reading

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Flat Rocks

Last year, TLW bought a load of broken granite rocks. We installed most of them ourselves but a dozen or so required a guy with a bucket to move them around. Today, I moved the last two into place. They … Continue reading

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Yes, This Is The Droid For Which You’ve Been Looking

Chuckle a day after a near-disastrous storm with power-failure and rising waters, all is right with the world of IT in my home. The new Odroid-C2 intended for TLW has arrived. There were a few surprises:

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FLOSS Is The Ultimate In Software Optimization

“Many organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30 percent by implementing three software license optimization best practices” See Gartner Says Organizations Can Cut Software Costs by 30 Percent Using Three Best PracticesGartner trumpets that folks can optimize … Continue reading

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Overoptimisim And ARM

“SoftBank chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son indicated that the acquisition is motivated by the large business potential for IoT (Internet of Things). However, Son overestimated real benefits from the acquisition and underestimated difficulties in vertical and horizontal integration of industries … Continue reading

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