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Printing At Night

“If the Print & Fax lock icon appears locked, click the lock icon and enter an administrator name and password when prompted.” See Mac 101: Printing (Mac OS X v10.6) – Apple SupportI haven’t touched a Mac in over a decade … Continue reading

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DisUnited Kingdom

“Leave has 51.3% of votes counted so far” See EU Referendum ResultsI just watched the UK disintegrate in real time on the Internet. I have mixed feelings about that. My ancestors left England over a century ago for better opportunities. In … Continue reading

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One Of The Places Where I Taught Up North Is In Trouble

“evacuation orders have been issued by the communities of Easterville and Chemawawin First Nation, 450 kilometres north of Winnipeg, due to smoke and threat from a fire that has moved to within half a kilometre of the community. Fire crews are … Continue reading

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ARMed  Software

“for the most part you can develop for ARM on ARM and it works well and is a pretty fast compile. Today, when you can you should just develop and compile natively on ARM, it’s not tricky, you are guaranteed … Continue reading

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Fujitsu ARMs Itself For 1,000-PFLOPS HPC

“The Post-K machine is supposed to have 100 times more application performance than the K Supercomputer – which would make it a 1,000 PFLOPS beast – and is due to go live in 2020. The fastest known super in the … Continue reading

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China Achieves 6 PFLOPs/W With RISCy Processors In The World’s Most Powerful HPC

“A new Chinese supercomputer, the Sunway TaihuLight, captured the number one spot on the latest TOP500 list of supercomputers released on Monday morning at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) being held in Frankfurt, Germany. With a Linpack mark of 93 … Continue reading

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Humble Beginnings + Industry = Growth

A few years ago, a relative donated a bowl of plums grown on a tree in her yard. I knew exactly what to do with them. I cut each one in half to remove the stone and made jam of … Continue reading

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Getting Things Wrong From The Beginning…

“a severe security issue in its implementation of the NetBIOS protocol that affected all Windows versions ever released” See BadTunnel Bug Hijacks Network Traffic, Affects All Windows VersionsHow many times do you have to see “affects all versions” before you decide … Continue reading

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Liberating Crippled Chromebooks

“Chromebooks are everywhere. Google’s little Linux based PCs have been booming since their introduction several years ago in everything from homes to businesses, and even educational settings. Many users, especially Linux users, can’t get past the fact that the devices … Continue reading

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I did a bunch of errands today including driving into town. I visited my MD and found he could provide a good home to two of my surplus Manchurian Apricots (Prunus mandshurica). In the morning I dug some holes for … Continue reading

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Oh my! Walmart Plans To Boycott VISA

“Walmart says it intends to join the list of retailers in Canada that don’t accept Visa cards, citing high fees for transactions. It’s a move one retail analyst has said will cause “pain on all sides.”” See Walmart Canada to stop … Continue reading

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Apparently Someone Still Uses Floppy Drives

“up to vanilla kernel 4.4.13 floppy functionality performs like it should.(On an x86 PC that is. With a 1.44MB diskette drive.)>From kernel 4.5* and up it changed to barely usable.” See Linux-Kernel Archive: dysfunctional floppy driver in kernels 4.5, 4.6 and … Continue reading

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