OMG! Canada Post Complicates My Flow Of IT From China

“The contract between Canada Post and the CUPW expired in 2015. A work stoppage would affect 40,000 employees, including mail delivery personnel.
In anticipation of a possible work stoppage, governments and other companies are making alternate arrangements for essential paper mail to be made available.”
See Canada Post service disruption possible in July, preparations now underway
I have several items in the pipeline from China: a network switch and new mice and … If it doesn’t arrive next week, I could be out of luck for quite a while. Other items are coming from I have more hope for them. They are due next week. This will raise the price of IT here as I may need to use couriers.

PS: I happened to meet someone who works in the PO… The flow of mail from China has been stopped at Vancouver to avoid piles in closed POs all over Canada. I think this means that if my mail is not already close by, I’ll have to wait until the work resumes after the labour actions. Shucks!

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