Apparently Someone Still Uses Floppy Drives

“up to vanilla kernel 4.4.13 floppy functionality performs like it should.(On an x86 PC that is. With a 1.44MB diskette drive.)>From kernel 4.5* and up it changed to barely usable.”
See Linux-Kernel Archive: dysfunctional floppy driver in kernels 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7
I’m not surprised that modifications to the Linux kernel sometimes introduce bugs but I am surprised to find someone who still uses floppies. I know there is some specialized equipment that may still be in use that has floppy drives but I haven’t used a floppy since working in my last school using then 8 year old PCs… Even before that, I remember going around a lab with a bootable floppy to boot a lab and needing two floppies because the first one literally wore out after 12 boots. There was a visible groove in the surface. I used to have ~100 floppies with various bits of data and software but these days I don’t have even one. Beast still has a floppy drive but it’s unplugged. It’s the same with CD drives. I don’t remember the last time I used one. Everything now is networked or USB.

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