You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

“The Canadian military has a stockpile of armoured vehicles that could be of use to the Kurds but has yet to figure out whether to turn those over.
The military has in its surplus stocks three Husky armoured vehicles used in Afghanistan to help clear improvised explosive devices and one Buffalo vehicle used for similar operations, according to data compiled by the Canadian Forces. Also surplus are 181 Coyote wheeled armoured vehicles and 46 tracked light armoured vehicles. Some of those upgraded carriers were used in Afghanistan and received good reviews for how they protected troops.
The Canadian military also has a variety of graders, tractors and other heavy equipment in its surplus inventory, according to the data. Such equipment could be of use in moving barricades and other fortifications erected by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant forces.”
See Kurds urge Canada to provide heavy weapons for war against ISIL, as well as for their independence
From holding that CF-18s should stop bombing bad guys to considering shipping all kinds of hardware to the Kurds, PM Trudeau has come a long way.

It’s not as if Canada will destabilize the region by giving the Kurds half a chance against the bad guys. USA did that when tons of equipment fell into Daesh’s hands at Mosul when the Iraqi army fled in disarray. This is about surrounding the bad guys and hammering them into defeat. That can’t be done without the Kurds helping or the Kurds and Iraqis will be in conflict north and east of Mosul. The Kurds are there and they need to hold that sector so the Daesh can’t escape the noose.

The worry is that this will increase the chances of Kurds and Iraqis coming to blows afterwards. The Kurds didn’t cut and run when the going got tough. They will stand up to the Iraqis but they aren’t going to threaten the rest of Iraq. They just want safety in their native territory. That’s all good. This will if anything put pressure on Iraq to treat Kurds with more respect. Canada can help by doing the same. Ship the equipment and all the arms and ammunition the Kurds need to thwart Daesh. It’s too bad Turkey and Iraq hadn’t fought Daesh as hard as the Kurds two years ago. That’s their problem. Don’t make it ours by waiting any longer.

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