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Adventures In SATA

Nothing much to report but I received my new SATA controller card in the post box yesterday. TLW was languishing in bed so I had an opportunity to reboot Beast III in order to install the card. The PCI-e slot … Continue reading

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Not Love

“Even forgetting all this, I still wouldn’t like Microsoft. Why? Because of our history. Like many others, I spent too many years in the trenches as a David fighting a powerful Goliath that used every weapon in its arsenal — … Continue reading

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Fleeing Slavery Gives Opportunity To ARM And GNU/Linux

“With Windows 10, Microsoft has already shown a casual disregard for its users by using various tactics to get the platform installed on as many systems as possible, regardless of whether users want it or not. For businesses, the alarm bells … Continue reading

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Trump Plans To Ruin USA

“he saw no way to fix the pending 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and that he was willing to withdraw from the decades-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico if it was not renegotiated to his satisfaction.” See … Continue reading

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Forget The Free Update To Slavery. Just say “NO!” To M$.

“the new update experience — with clearer “upgrade now, schedule a time, or decline the free offer” — will start rolling out this week. Microsoft also will revert to making clicking on the Red X at the corner of the … Continue reading

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The ARM64 Race

At a recent talk SoftIron gave a talk about ARM64 versus x86 servery, it was emphasized that comparisons are often apples v oranges. Given the right race, ARM64 is competitive today, say, in storage servery. That’s because smaller cores distributed … Continue reading

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To Code, Or Not To Code? That is the question

Some visitors here rudely proclaim I am not a programmer because I eschew “C”. I’ve written a few lines in C, mostly configuring Linux builds or making tiny changes in other codes, but I’ve coded in more than a dozen … Continue reading

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Linus Waxes Eloquently

“Oh Gods, Andy. That pt_regs_to_thread_info() thing made me want to do unspeakable acts on a poor innocent wax figure that looked _exactly_like you.” See Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: [PATCH v3 00/13] Virtually mapped stacks with guard pages (x86, core)Linus is still at … Continue reading

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OMG! FORTRAN Gets A Piece Of JavaScript

“JavaScript developers will finally get a “raise to the power” operator, which was mysteriously left out of the standard for twenty years. The operator is **” See ECMAScript 2016: New Version of the JavaScript Language ReleasedOne of my first programming languages … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In An Alternate Universe, M$ Defines Reality

“Changing the motherboard, however, generates a new installation ID. Under Microsoft’s sometimes Byzantine licensing rules, your license is valid if you replace a motherboard because of hardware failure. You need a new license if you chose to upgrade the motherboard, … Continue reading

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OMG! Canada Post Complicates My Flow Of IT From China

“The contract between Canada Post and the CUPW expired in 2015. A work stoppage would affect 40,000 employees, including mail delivery personnel. In anticipation of a possible work stoppage, governments and other companies are making alternate arrangements for essential paper mail … Continue reading

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Tick…Tick…Tick… The Sound Of A Countdown To The Exploding Nomination Of Trump

“One of Virginia’s delegates to the Republican National Convention has filed a federal lawsuit in an effort to avoid voting for presumptive nominee Donald Trump at the party convention next month. The delegate, Carroll Correll Jr of Winchester, Virginia, argued in … Continue reading

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