“More bad news for Canada’s problem-plagued submarine fleet: two of the boats will be out of commission for most of this year because of shoddy welding.
HMCS Chicoutimi and its sister, HMCS Victoria, are stuck in their Vancouver Island port for months because several hundred welds can’t be trusted to hold tight when the boats dive.”
See Wonky welds keep West Coast submarines stuck in port
I know a thing or two about welds. You are far better off doing them right the first time. The guy doing the welding is best able to see that happens but still where welds are critical they should be checked by X-ray methods or some other objective test. A rule of thumb is that a weld that looks bad is bad. A weld that looks good can still be bad. My most critical welds have been in tractor frames and the hoisting frame I built recently. None of my critical welds has ever failed, but then I don’t make submarines.

These subs were bought at clearance prices from UK ages ago and have never performed. Our current Canadian government had better plan ahead to replacing them. They are just expensive anchors. With Russia rattling sabres in the Arctic and globally, Canada needs to beef up armed forces including navy and submarines. We have too much ocean to patrol with surface-ships. I would not recommend ever buying another sub from the UK.

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