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Summer Resumes

Well, that arctic blast has moved on and I moved all my potted plants out into the sunshine. It looks like it will be warm enough to spray the dandelions this afternoon. I took a break to examine the alternator. … Continue reading

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Slaves, Rejoice! You’re Going To Have To Do Twice The Work And Still Pay M$ For Your Servitude

“The Start menu ads, or as Microsoft calls them Promoted Apps, haven’t pleased everyone. It’s the space on Start menu tiles that Microsoft allocates to suggested apps. But instead of the current five suggestions Microsoft is planning to increase that … Continue reading

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Skirting The Hole In The Ice Of ZFS

“Debian’s decision to place source-only ZFS in a relegated area of their archive called contrib, is an innovative solution. Debian fortunately had a long-standing policy that contrib was specifically designed for source code that, while licensed under an acceptable license … Continue reading

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