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I listened to a speech recently, by a guy who runs a business in which I have a small share. He didn’t say much. It wasn’t a long speech. He basically recounted what I already knew from widely available information. … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Stinking “PC”

“All PC categories in Asia Pacific continue to experience weakness, affected by improving quality and falling prices in the smart phone market. In low-income markets, notebooks and tablets are no longer must-have products and multiple device ownership is becoming less … Continue reading

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I was dragging a garden hose to water-in one of the Manchurian apricot seedlings when I discovered the asparagus was sending up shoots. TLW loves asparagus and is cooking the spears simultaneously with telling a friend all about it over … Continue reading

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Another Big Rollout of LibreOffice Saves Money

“The Italian Ministry of Defence expects to save 26-29 million Euro over the coming years by using LibreOffice. The LibreDifesa project aims to eventually migrate all of the organisation’s well over 100,000 desktops to the open-source office productivity suite. “Taking … Continue reading

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Chrome OS Still Growing In USA

According to StatCounter, usage of Chrome OS in USA continues to grow, especially on weekdays when school is in. I expect schools would get better performance with Debian GNU/Linux but Debian has fewer salesmen and folks continue to spread/believe that … Continue reading

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