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See Linux-Kernel Archive: By Thread as usual… but
The same thing a week later gives just a 200K file of zeroes, with no HTML at all…
I’m sure there’s a rational explanation but the site which bears a mirror of the Linux Kernel Mail List which I scan regularly for news of the development of the Linux kernel had a “null” week. No HTML in the index.html file, just zeroes. I even checked it with a binary editor and wrote a snippet of PASCAL code to double check. There’s nothing there.

Now, I can see some script failing to download/copy/permission, etc. which could give a null result or even 404 but why a file of zero-bytes? A zeroed buffer unfilled is my best guess but this thing should have updated periodically or by polling and put something in there. Why did that not happen, for precisely one week? The last bug report for the application was August 2015… so it’s not as if this thing was broken for a new release. The version running is from June, 2006… The only relevant bug-report seems to be 5439 – Period setting for catch archive is fixed but that’s from 2003… It must have something to do with system administration. Oh well, it’s working again…

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  1. oiaohm says:

    This is the same mailing list different archiving site. As you can see for the first 7 days of may there are truly active.

    http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1605.1/index.html will show you something interesting.
    1604.3 is 2015 and 1605.1 is 2016

    At this point to comes very clear what as gone wrong. In fact creating a blank page is what MHonArc was detected doing in 2010 QA.

    MHonArc v2.6.16 is what the site reports and by MNonArc own site in 2014 you should have started using 2.6.19 for security reasons let alone the upcoming future snaps that were detected by QA process.

    Yes a problem exists between keyboard and chair by one of the operators or managers in charge of that archive because they are running out date software.

    Dr Loser sorry blaming QA does cover this issue.

    Its the classic we publish site and we never update the software and then wonder why its flaws that have been fixed for years bust our site.

    MHonArc project QA detected and release updated version in 09-Jan-2011 to fix that fault and another update Apr 22, 2014 to deal with found security issues. We are now to latter and that site does not have either fix. So this is not QA this is Administrator and management failure.

  2. Dr Loser says:

    A fundamental lack of QA, perhaps?

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