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M$ Kicks Second Most Loyal Users In The Teeth

“Ex-professional Counter Strike player turned full-time streamer Erik Flom was rudely interrupted mid-game and live on Twitch by Windows 10 automatically installing on his PC.” See Windows 10 updates are now ruining pro-gaming streamsWant to play the fanciest games on your … Continue reading

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Every Now And Then The World Of FLOSS Messes UP

“If you’re using ImageMagick on your website to identify, crop, resize or tweak pictures provided by your users, you must make sure you’ve applied these mitigations, and tweaked your code to only accept valid image files. Sandboxing ImageMagick is also … Continue reading

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US GOP’s Last Hope Of Salvation

“Appreciate @Reince & his hard work for @GOP, but until someone has 1,237 bound delegates there is no presumptive nominee. CA here we come” See John Kasich is not going anywhere after Cruz departureDespite the hooplah last night and the declarations … Continue reading

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