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ARMed Servery

“After many years of ecosystem development and processor designs that failed to gain traction in the data center, ARM processor vendors, such as Applied Micro and Cavium, have garnered notable design wins and partnerships from communications service providers (CSPs) and … Continue reading

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Trump Self-destructing

“The order to release the documents was granted by U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel after a request by the Washington Post. Trump’s attorneys had fought to keep the playbooks private, on the grounds that they contained trade secrets. Curiel, … Continue reading

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How The World Of IT Has Turned

“Samsung is advising customers against succumbing to Microsoft’s nagging and installing Windows 10. The consumer electronics giant’s support staff have admitted drivers for its PCs still don’t work with Microsoft’s newest operating system and told customers they should simply not make … Continue reading

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No Wonder Oracle Lost v Google. Oracle’s Lawyers Don’t Get FLOSS

“Google won a verdict that an unauthorized, commercial, competitive, harmful use of software in billions of products is fair use. No copyright expert would have ever predicted such a use would be considered fair. Before celebrating, developers should take a … Continue reading

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Amen! Sweden Will Prefer FLOSS

“Public administrations must also be required to consider switching to free and open source alternatives, when procuring ICT solutions, and justify why they continue to use proprietary software.” See Study: Sweden should boost open source competenceI recommended Canada do that ages … Continue reading

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The State Of Play Of Moore’s Law In China

“TSMC will be the industry’s first chipmaker to have its 7nm process technology certified, said Liu, adding that TSMC’s 7nm currently has 30-40% yield for 128MB SRAM. As for 10nm, TSMC is scheduled to move the node technology to volume production … Continue reading

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Open Source Everything Engineering

“If governments and other organizations do not do evidence-based decision-making rooted in holistic analytics of true cost economics with the objective of creating affordable, interoperable, scalable engineering solutions – which is to say, open source solutions now known to cost … Continue reading

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Bad News

“The Egyptian military has released images of items found during the search in the Mediterranean Sea for missing Egypt Air flight MS804.” See EgyptAir: Images released of debris found in plane searchOne of the unfortunate consequences of decades of science/technology under … Continue reading

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OMG! Mark Shuttleworth Mentions GNU and Linux and Ubuntu In A Single Sentence!

“I think without Ubuntu, it would be very difficult to use traditional Linux every day—not just Ubuntu as I enjoy it, but it’s full family of derivatives and the impact it has every day on Debian and competing distributions, essentially … Continue reading

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Chromebooks Gaining Share

“Global shipments of Chromebooks are expected to reach over two million units in the second quarter of 2016 and further expand to three million units a quarter in the second half of the year” See Shipments of Chromebooks integrated with Google … Continue reading

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ARM Leaps Into The Future

“Cambridge, UK, May 18, 2016 – ARM today announced the first multicore, 64-bit ARM®v8-A processor test chip based on TSMC’s 10FinFET process technology. Simulation benchmarks show impressive power and efficiency gains relative to TSMC’s 16FinFET+ process technology, which is currently … Continue reading

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Oh-Oh. There Goes The NDA…

“Government spending through private companies to deliver works, goods and services to citizens is the single biggest item of spending by government, amounting world-wide to a staggering USD 9.5 trillion each year, or 15 percent of global GDP. This concentration … Continue reading

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