France Chooses Freedom

“”The choice of free in the administration is not an ideological commitment is the result of a reasoned choice, which ensures the sustainability of the documents created, and thus ensures the state to ensure future of its heritage. The documents of the State can not be dependent on a particular actor, “said Jean-Vincent Place, the Secretary of State responsible for State reform and simplification.”
See The formalized v2 GIR, ODF to OpenXML favorite
It’s been a long time coming but France is now on its way to giving preference to ODF over M$’s mess of a standard for documents. Why any government would choose to insist that M$’s lock-in be chosen over freedom has been a mystery to me but finally everyone is understanding what freedom means.

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2 Responses to France Chooses Freedom

  1. oiaohm says:

    Dr Loser two sentence. Microsoft does not follow the standard documentation they submit to ISO so OOXML is a mess of corrections to be compatible.

    Classic sample is OOXML standard declared what the declare flag for OOXML strict was yet then MS Office 2016 and newer use a completely different flag and Microsoft just submit alteration to standard.

    Basically the list of amendments OOXML standard make it clear that you cannot implement it with proper level of sureness due to Microsoft just changing things to suit them.

    ODF on the other hand if Libreoffice or OpenOffice or any other ODF item does something different to what the standard those application alter their behavior to match the standard. So if your implementation exactly matches the ODF standard document in time you will be compatible.

    Dr Loser there are tones of standard checks of what MS Office produces. MS Office has attempted to extend ODF any what way but lose as well. I remember ODF with OOXML code inside for spreedsheet formulas instead of using ODF standard section of them.

    Dr Loser if you had bothered reading Roberts link it details some of OOXML failures as well.
    Go click and read before posting baseless challenge again.

    Basically Microsoft failed to demo the required stablity and conformance between versions as a ISO format requires in their own products OOXML has become not acceptable to France. OOXML mess is totally Microsoft fault.

  2. Dr Loser says:

    It’s been a long time coming but France is now on its way to giving preference to ODF over M$’s mess of a standard for documents.

    I assume you have diligently researched both the OOXML standard and the FLOSS equivalent, ISO/IEC 26300.

    I’m completely convinced that you have read both, and can explain in short coherent sentences why the one is “a mess” and the other is not.

    Well … I say “convinced.” No, not that. The other thing.

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