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Welcome, 2016, The Year Of The ARMed Everything

“Over a dozen new ARM System-on-a-Chips are new to the mainline Linux 4.6 kernel code. The newly-supported platforms include Axis Artpec-6 SoC (artpec6), TI keystone-k2g, Mediatek MT7623 (mt7623), Allwinner A83T SoC (a83t), NXP i.MX6QP SoC (imx6qp), ST Microelectronics stm32f469, Annapurna … Continue reading

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Sorry, there was an error.

“Sorry, there was an error.” See OffShoreLeaks.icij.orgHere we go again. Yet another database has been compromised, this time it’s a database of Panamanian offshore accounts… I checked. I’m not in there. Neither is “Clinton”. “Trump” croaked the system when I tried … Continue reading

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Yet Another ARMed Processor Emerges In 2016

“LS1046A and LS1026A processors integrate quad 64-bit ARM® Cortex A72 cores with packet processing acceleration and high speed peripherals.” See QorIQ LS1046A and LS1026A Multicore Communications ProcessorsThese are somewhat specialized for communications but they are quite capable of doing duty as … Continue reading

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