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I know spring has finally arrived. I was out shooting this morning and planted 24 young trees this afternoon. It felt good except that I am still fighting off a persistent cough. Thanks to my son fetching and carrying we … Continue reading

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The Drumpf Effect

“The Canadian stock market is up in early trade Friday, after ending yesterday’s session nearly unchanged. Mining stocks are leading the way higher and gold stocks are also a source of strength as gold and silver prices continue to head … Continue reading

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Intel Cuts Chips – Wintel Is Officially Dead

“The company poured billions of dollars into its mobile business, but Intel failed to unseat market leader ARM. Atom is available in just a handful of smartphones, and the tablet market is declining. PC makers are replacing tablets with detachable … Continue reading

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The Future Is Open

“Europe’s relative weakness in digital consumer markets, in web and internet services and notably in data platforms is becoming a major challenge to the whole economy. In addition, users feel that proprietary platforms do not satisfy their needs. They get locked-in … Continue reading

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My Pension Fund Gained More Than M$’s Last Quarter

“Dividends and interest income $ 230 Interest expense (340 ) Net recognized gains on investments 85 Net losses on derivatives (155 ) Net gains (losses) on foreign currency remeasurements (18 ) Other (49 ) Total $ (247 ) See M$’s 10-Q“Really, if my pension fund had had … Continue reading

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France Chooses Freedom

“”The choice of free in the administration is not an ideological commitment is the result of a reasoned choice, which ensures the sustainability of the documents created, and thus ensures the state to ensure future of its heritage. The documents … Continue reading

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Tail Wags Dog, Says Canonical

“The CDDL cannot apply to the Linux kernel because zfs.ko is a self-contained file system module — the kernel itself is quite obviously not a derivative work of this new file system.” See Canonical accused of violating GPL with ZFS-in-Ubuntu 16.04 … Continue reading

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Free The Schools!

“deputy mayor Guillard published his recommendations for others that want to ‘free their schools from the commercial agenda of proprietary software vendors’. Free software is unhindered by the constraint of financial profitability, he argues: there is no planned obsolescence and … Continue reading

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Linux Keeps On Getting Better

It may take a while sometimes but many eyes do improve Free/Libre Open Source Software. Linux has just had an important set of bugs trampled. The CPU scheduler which has evolved in stages for decades was discovered by a group … Continue reading

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Manchurian Apricots Will Take Over The World

Or, perhaps not, but it won’t be for lack of trying. I bought a bunch of tree seed this winter and “stratified” (soaked in moist earth in the refrigerator) it for 2-3months. Recently, I planted them all in trays and … Continue reading

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M$: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em…

“Windows Phone is still dying. Android is the most popular mobile operating system by a wide margin. Microsoft has bought a company that can help its developers easily write apps for Android. And, last but not least, it has partnered … Continue reading

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The Netherlands Going Electric

“The lower house of the Dutch parliament passed a motion recently that would ban the sales of non-electric cars in the country by 2025. The motion still needs to pass the Senate to become binding, but if it does, it … Continue reading

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