Wintel Cannibalises Self

“global notebooks and desktops shipments into channels are now on course to decline 5.4 per cent to 260.9 million.That’ll equate to 156.2 million portable PCs and 104.7 million desk-based units for the year if the beanies are right, but these things tend to be a moving feast and further corrections are likely.In the medium term, things aren’t going to get markedly better either – over the next five years compound annual growth rates of minus 0.5 per cent are predicted.”
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“The Windows 10 Insider Preview was an exercise in “democratic design,” with the hope that Microsoft would regain its reputation as a “listening company.” But it was the kind of democracy where a few people vote early and vote often. Windows Insider boss Gabe Aul treated the results of user feedback as if they were a referendum. However, 2015 was the year pollsters got it badly wrong, because their samples were not representative, and “user driven” design suddenly didn’t look so smart.”
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“With the current marketplace uncertainties it is difficult to indicate a near term return to profit. We are confident in the medium and long term of delivering profitability due to already evidenced underlying growth, supported by our strong financial position and infrastructure”
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Remember when you just had to buy another PC to keep up? Well, there’s no need now. Silicon lasts a decade or more and present CPUs are good enough so there’s no need to buy another from Intel. Software that’s updated forever is also good enough, so there’s no need to buy another copy of That Other OS embedded in a PC. So, there’s no need to buy another PC to upgrade. Also, if That Other OS offends you, you can always install GNU/Linux and be free of Wintel for ages.

So, sales continue to decline for the foreseeable future and much of the emerging markets are happy with smartphones and tablets as PCs. However, folks can still install Debian GNU/Linux on a new PC so use of GNU/Linux will continue to grow indefinitely. I like it. GNU/Linux has a growing market of freedom-loving people while That Other OS continues to stagnate.

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2 Responses to Wintel Cannibalises Self

  1. kurkosdr wrote, “Windows PCs remain the top web browsing platform as per statcounter.”

    That’s an assertion without basis. If kurkosdr defines “top” as share of page-views, he is correct, but if one defines “top” as share of devices browsing, he is incorrect. When he talks about “platform” I hold he is incorrect.

    In reality, StatCounter shows a clear gap between Android/Linux and “7” and Android is ahead in the popularity contest. If he defines “top” as most page-views, he is correct but if he writes of “platform”, i.e. devices used for surfing, he is not. Android has about 30% of all page-views but TOOS has 45%. Since Android/Linux comes out on more devices each year than M$’s whole installed base, clearly, folks using Android/Linux smartphones are getting some snippet of information and moving on rather than loading page after page. It’s like the difference between reading headlines and whole books. It could also be that smartphone-friendly sites have fewer pages.

  2. kurkosdr says:

    Wintel sales are declining because any PC from 2010 can run Windows 7, Windows 8.x or Windows 10, with the choice being yours, so there is no need to buy new PCs. But Windows PCs remain the top web browsing platform as per statcounter.

    Meanwhile Android is promoting e-waste by withholding the newest Android version from perfectly capable flagships like the Galaxy Nexus (no OEMs involved in Nexus) and forcing users to new hardware, at least if they don’t want to surf with open vulnerabilites. But the Android Flagship Upgrade Tradmill sure shows well on sales charts. Unfortunately it doesn’t show as well on user’s bank accounts. YouCantPutAPriceOnFreedom(tm) I guess.

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