Free Software: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

“Nearly five years ago, my team at GeorgiaGov Interactive began a journey to migrate our enterprise web platform (hosting over 50 state agency websites at the time) away from a self-hosted model with a proprietary content management system to Drupal 7 and a cloud hosted environment. We were the first state to make such a bold shift, but we weren’t the last.
Many government entities and private companies have been moving their enterprise CMS holdings to open source software and cloud hosting. The benefits? Huge cost savings (we’re saving millions of dollars on servers and software licenses alone) and amazing flexibility with how we can bend the tools to meet our customers’ needs.”
See How Georgia prioritizes enhancements for their Drupal 7 platform
The jokers that continually deride FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) just don’t get it. It’s exactly the licence granting freedom to run, examine, modify and distribute the software that makes FLOSS desirable and folks that use FLOSS get huge benefits to the point that the value of non-Free software is negative. With non-Free software you get locked in to having to pay repeatedly for permission to use your hardware. Here’s an example of an organization, the state of Georgia, switching to FLOSS and loving it. They don’t have to periodically upgrade their licence/payments and hardware to keep what they had years ago. Their IT is dynamic and continues to work for them and not another’s marketing strategy. It’s all good and why I recommend Debian GNU/Linux to everyone. It will work for you.

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