While North Korea Boasts of Mini-Nuke Trump Compares Wives

“Kim Jong-un says North Korean scientists have developed nuclear warheads small enough to fit on ballistic missiles.
State media published images showing the North’s leader standing next to what it said was a miniaturised weapon.”
See North Korea ‘has miniature nuclear warhead’, says Kim Jong-un
Let’s see: Europe is infested with murdering bastards and North Korea claims to have a nuke small enough to put on a rocket while Donald Trump et al are busy comparing candidates wives.

Sublime? Ridiculous? Insane? Words fail me.

I do know that the picture of Kim next to a metallic sphere is not unlike images of WWII-era nukes developed by USAians using pencils, slide rules and vacuum tube-ed computers. It could be a mini-nuke of the imploding critical mass kind, not an existential threat to most of us but definitely a weapon of mass destruction and one that could be made very compact (Hint: the mass of explosives required in TFA is greatly exaggerated. Even a little explosive will make a very nasty dirty bomb. All you have to do is create a critical mass in a hurry by implosion. Explosives do that very well. It’s basically a spherical shaped charge. Stuff that was developed in the 19th century…) compared to that B-29 launched weapon. Even artillery could be used to launch it and Kim has shown the ability to put payloads into orbit. Besides that, Kim is one of the few people on Earth crazier than Trump.

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