This Dog Don’t Hunt

“Fingerprints of Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam have been found in a Brussels flat raided this week, Belgian prosecutors say.
State broadcaster RTBF says he may have escaped during Tuesday’s police raid, in which one suspect was shot dead.”
See Brussels raid: Paris suspect Abdeslam’s fingerprints found in flat
I’m a hunter. I put meat on the table despite following rules designed to preserve the species of game I’m hunting. Police have no limits on the resources they can deploy at a place and time of their choosing during a “raid”. Here, French and Belgian police let two or more terrorists connected to recent outrages slip out. Have they learned nothing? These guys are professional terrorists. They pick sites to attack and to hide that allow multiple means of entry and exit to increase their chances of success. Instead police allow a couple to escape. One policeman did his job, a sniper, taking out one bad guy at a window. Why weren’t the others doing their jobs setting up multiple rings of containment in three dimensions? Sigh. This is the Keystone Cops in the 21st century.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Dr Loser that catch was more good luck than good management.

    Australia had the postcard bandit and a few other pros at running. So has developed quite a training program to keep on top of this.

    What was learn Australian Police was professional hunters for pest extermination did have some of the required skills from the get go. Your capture rate goes up once you start using snare traps and path blockages.

    Why weren’t the others doing their jobs setting up multiple rings of containment in three dimensions?
    This question here is asking why police were not following normal pest extermination policy of a team of hunters.

    A hunting team without a good organizer 1 of 2 things happen.
    1) pray escapes.
    2) team members get hurt.

    Problem here is a organizer has to get in practice at doing it right. Hunting rabbits and other pests in fact follow the same kind of logic as hunting human criminals do. So if a organizer cannot run effective hunt against pest creatures they cannot run a effective hunt against a human criminal that can fight back stronger.

    Belgium in fact has very limited hunting resources for variation inside their own country. Also Belgium has very limited breach training facilities as well. Australian Police have access to the Australian SAS breach training facilities. One item in breach training facilities is impressive 8 story building 1 square km in size with reconfigurable floors, walls and doors. Defender gets to set interior configuration, attacker has to capture defender. Belgium police don’t have access to anything like that to train with.

    The other Australian police training performed in houses captured in drug raids that due to drug damage are on the demolition list when ever there has not been any recent raids requiring use of force. Basically police vs police to keep raiding skills up using paint ball rounds in their guns using buildings where the containment force has not been given anything bar basic outside blueprints.. Yes again defender in practice gets the advantage but breacher is meant to win.

    Police have no limits on the resources they can deploy at a place and time of their choosing during a “raid”.
    This is true kind of. Problem comes is lack of resources to in fact to train to be good at deploying those resources. Remember if you deploy too many resources you end up in a location of friendly fire. Throwing unlimited resources at a raid does not promise capture but your own shotting your own and still letting targets go. Correctly placed resources prevent escape from capture is required. The skill to correctly place resources required lots training and on going maintenance is not something a Police force can in fact learn instantly or a skill that will not become rusty from lack of usage.

    Robert Pogson as a person who hunts ever year I can understand why you class this as a dog that cannot hunt. This is more like a dog that did know how to hunt but its been too many years between hunting and it scares the pray off instead of capturing it.

    Belgium police has a firearm accuracy as requirement to be police officer does not have requirement to be up on breach training. After postcard bandit and a few other pros at running made breach training is something Australian police are required to keep current with as well as firearm accuracy. Maybe after these issue Belgium police will get a few reforms to skill maintenance rules after this. Thinking Australia required a few get away multi times to make it policy its not surprising that other countries would not have the policy mandating breach training yet.

  2. Dr Loser says:

    Apparently, Robert, they’ve caught the guy.

    What a shame they didn’t have some loon from the Manitoban outback to assist them in their endeavours.

    Tell me, Robert. Is there anything at all that you are remotely qualified to talk about?

    Chinese tractor substitutes, perhaps?

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