Retirement Nest-Eggs

When I was a teacher, one of the things I did was teach students how to save and to invest. I mostly left my savings and investing to TLW. She did OK, albeit with a bunch of amazing successes and dismal failures… Who tries wins, right? 😉

Anyway, now that I’m retired, I do my own saving and investing. The graph to the right is what the nest-egg has done since I began doing it myself instead of relying on mutual funds. Despite huge swings in the stock-market, I’ve somehow managed to make a little money and added significantly to my government pension. I’ve invested in USAian businesses when the Canadian dollar was sinking, and Canadian companies when the Canadian dollar was rising and diversified a bit so that a dip here is cancelled by a rise there. It’s all good. The growth of my nest-egg has more than paid for my Chinese tractor and the new alternator and hundreds of trees and seed for my new lawn as well as food and clothing. Now, if only Trump weren’t threatening the world with global warfare, I might live out my days in comfort. 😉

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:
    kurkosdr notice here enter password one go in tick box and after that security updates into Ubuntu download and install without asking you about them again. And that is from graphical. There are graphical tools to tweak polkit as well.

    Of course you don’t want to do this if you are on expensive 3g/4g connection at the time.

    Also do remember kurkosdr that Windows 10 updates are resulting in computers not booting at all. Yes ubuntu leaving prior kernels installed so that user can from boot loader choose what was installed does help a lot. Windows update core kernel image and disposes of odd version. Lets skip roll back if drivers fail.

    Funny enough that does not apply as much any more. Even to fix particular windows issues you do have copy and paste stuff into your command line. Main reason for instructions been written in command line is mostly that its more compact to give how to set something by command line if you can then describe how to get there graphical.

    Malware entry points into current new Windows 10 machine from maker.
    1 OEM providing machines installing the stuff by default.
    2 Microsoft forced provided advertising to make money from windows users.
    3. Windows update since OEM now can plug in extra update exes.

    These are the first 3. They don’t require the end user todo anything much like first advertisement is displayed in start menu until you disable them.
    Don’t think for one min that people will to be looking at Windows 10 embedded advertising and going hmm how can we trick this into installing everything we want.

    Yes it also only a matter of time before OEM work out they can extend their update program to reinstall applications users have removed.

    Ubuntu and Debian might have some bugs but nothing like the issues to expect out of Windows 10.

    Fun fact there is a script kiddy way to turn off Updates on Windows 10.
    Tell windows 10 that all connections are metered then it does not automatically download any more updates. Including windows inbuilt anti-virus definitions.

    Anyone not a script kiddy can in fact tick the boxes on Internet connections that they are metered and also end up in the location where Windows updates are no longer being installed under Windows 10. Yes the defaults of Windows 10 are ok. But the means for controlling updates and informing users they have screwed the setting up completely are missing.

    A user not informed what there action will trigger is in a very dangerous location. Turning metered mode on a Internet connection under Windows 10 does not tell you that you have just disabled getting Windows updates by that connection including Microsoft anti-virus signatures.

    This is also like 90 day trial anti-virus software that runs out. Yes user has anti-virus software installed but its doing nothing other than saying buy so users are left without any protection again.

  2. kurkosdr says:


    Anyway, back on topic, anyone who is not a script kiddie and has left the updating settings to default (which unlike ubuntu’s are good ones) will not be infected by the malvertzing attacks dogbrain refers in his link.

    Anyone who still complains about this is either a script kiddie disabling updates or an old retired teacher with fading memories of the XP era when Flash or Adobe Reader may not auto have been updating itself and evolving into malware entry point. Emphasize fading memories…

  3. oiaohm says:

    Then why the moronic ubuntu updater doesn’t do it automatically but pops a warning and asks for password?

    Is there any distros with an auto updating updater? this is in Ubuntu as well you have not turned it on and Ubuntu did not turn it on by default.

    The warning asking for a password if your user is written into polkit configuration as approved you don’t even see the window and the action just happens instantly.

    Ubuntu does not come out box perfectly configured.

    kurkosdr basically Ubuntu has automatic updating just not configured or turned on by default. Ubuntu also does not straight up add primary user as being directly approved to straight up apply updates. So all you are complain about is configuration being wrong not in fact included functionality.

  4. kurkosdr wrote, “Is there any distros with an auto updating updater?”

    #crontab -e
    #minute hour day month dayofweek command
    23 03 * * * /usr/bin/apt-get update;/usr/bin/apt-get upgrade

  5. kurkosdr says:

    Then why the moronic ubuntu updater doesn’t do it automatically but pops a warning and asks for password?

    Is there any distros with an auto updating updater?

  6. dougman says:

    Re: (an updater that requires a sudo password to update)

    You are aware that Linux can auto-update security updates now right? RIGHT??

  7. kurkosdr says:

    All you Win-Dohs users better be on the look-out! Less you be paying in Bitcoins!

    Angler was patched half a year ago. Only little script kiddiez who disable auto updates because they have an obsession with their CPU usage will get infected, and then will run to desktop linux for what they think is security (an updater that requires a sudo password to update) and post at the Pog blog about windows constantly getting malwares and ransomwares.

    Meanwhile all my android devices except my nexus player run unpatche’s vulnerabilities, stagefrights included. the joys of open source and long term non-support I guess (i am not talking about upgrades but security patches, unfortunately fosstard-heavy companies like google don’t get the difference and think everyone should be on the latest major version)

  8. Oh my! As if the week couldn’t get any better… All but one of my stocks climbed like scalded cats today.

    Gold miners – up over 10%
    Gold prospectors – up over 12%
    Trucking company – up over 1%

    Kind of makes me regret not retiring sooner. I gained more capital in one week than a whole month of working as a teacher. Soon, I’ll have to decorate my fridge with these things.

  9. dougman wrote, “Chinese tractor?… Calling it a tractor is a stretch, wouldn’t you agree?”

    Well, it is old-fashioned but it certainly pulls. The drive can pull ~400 pounds so there’s no bullying it. It goes where it wants to go… just like a stubborn mule. It’s called a “walking tractor“. I don’t mind walking but the thing is very hard to steer and the rotary tiller flings stones back at me. Fortunately, it’s low tech and easily modified by the user, me…

  10. dougman says:

    BTW, check this one out.

    All you Win-Dohs users better be on the look-out! Less you be paying in Bitcoins!

  11. dougman says:

    Chinese tractor?… Calling it a tractor is a stretch, wouldn’t you agree?

    Here is recommendations for Americans.

    Buy Bitcoins
    Read “The Richest Man in Babylon”
    Dump your 401k
    Dump the stock market

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