Canada Welcomes USAians

“Google’s data editor, Simon Rogers, alerted the world to renewed interest. He noted a spike of 350% in searches over a four-hour period for “how can I move to Canada” coming from the United States.”
See When did most Americans search for ‘move to Canada’?
Unlike your country, Canada does not fear citizens who flee tyranny. Also, we have universal health insurance that works. Essentially, we all pay taxes and we all get care. Simple. No insurance lobbyists have to pay anyone off… Physicians and hospitals work on a known fee-schedule and don’t have to deal with a hundred different insurers. Great. Less paperwork. I love my physician. He takes care of me very well. I love my local hospital. They provide quick, courteous service 24×7. We are also ~30million people in a country larger than yours so we won’t crowd you at all. If you like gardening you may not be able to grow the same whimpy plants you do further south. Still, you can feed yourself from your garden and even by hunting and fishing. Life is good here, and you’re welcome.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. dougman wrote, “Trump ran to keep the Republicans out of office.”

    That makes a lot more sense than what Trump says.

    Apparently, Trump said he could not be bought because his campaign was “self-funding”. Rumours are that the fund-raising has begun. He’s becoming more like the politicians he calls owned, stupid, lazy, sweaty, and low-energy every day.

  2. dougman wrote, “home prices are astronomical!”

    There are two or three cities in Canada where home prices are >$1million frequently but in most places, one can buy, build or rent reasonably. Plenty of building materials, labour and land ensure that in most places the market is sane. e.g. in Winnipeg, you can still buy a decent new home for <$200K. My home which would be several $million in Vancouver is about $500K here. Vancouver has smog, too many people and the land is all taken by the mountains, the ocean and little is left for building homes. Even an ancient home there can be $1million, mostly because the lot is valuable. Taxes are not such a worry here. What does a USAian pay for health insurance? $16K? That's included in our taxes so it's not a problem. Many categories of goods are not taxable like staple foods, children's clothing (PST), medicine etc. Even when I was earning at my peak, my taxes were ~$20K in total, provincial, municipal and federal. Folks earning much less pay a lot less. Healthcare insurance is just included with citizenship and a routine application form with $0 changing hands. It used to be that Manitoba and Alberta charged a small premium but that is gone now. Too much trouble. It just is more efficient to be Canadian. An example of a luxury item. My cost to be able to shoot at a rifle range with lots of bells and whistles is ~$100 per annum. In USA, lots of city-folk have to drive hours to get to the nearest rifle range. I can hear shots at my nearest range but it is limited to 100m. I'm thinking of joining an organization which will give me access to 900m/1000y range for a small sum. This is another example of the low cost of living in Canada. Subtract the healthcare and stay away from certain large cities and life is very affordable. If it weren't for TLW, I could live handsomely on a quarter section of land with a shack, a rifle range and gardens and orchards and some critters for a fraction of what my pension gives me. Indeed if my managed pension funds behave every day like they did today, I might just buy that piece of land just for the heck of it. I need some place to plant all the tree-seeds I've accumulated. I was planning to plant only ~100 new trees next year, but I've ~300... We're talking about 500 trees on the present lot. Imagine what I could do with 160 acres. If I evaluate the food my land will produce, it will pay me to keep on living, rather than eating me up with taxes. Of course, I could die in a year or two and mess up the plan but if I live to ~100 I'll be living off the fat of the land with all kinds of nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables not to mention meat. Come on over. We have lots of land in Canada if you are willing to live/work outside the cities.

  3. dougman says:

    Only whiners run off to Canada, then they discover HST/GST ~13% and Income taxes.

    After living in a apartment for awhile, they decide to purchase a home and shocked, home prices are astronomical!

  4. dougman says:

    I am a political atheist and approve this message.

    Trump & the Clintons are close.

    Trump ran to keep the Republicans out of office.

    The election will be a tight-race, with electors at a 49-51% spread.

    Hillary is to be the next President, according to plans already made.

  5. DrLoser says:

    Ah well, that was boring. Not even relevant to Gnu/Linux.

    Now, here’s a vital new trend that you’ve missed in the world of FLOSS, Robert.

    No need to thank me for adverting you to it. The sheer pleasure of knowing that I can even beat you to news about the Flossosphere is more than enough for me.

  6. DrLoser says:

    No, Bob. It’s not even close.

    Be fair, Ivan. Presumably Robert has not constructed this colossal pile of uninformed tosh without some sort of basic assumptions involved.

    Now, let’s see. A multi-party state like Weimar Germany? Well, as we all know, the USA is famous for that.

    A state with no constitutional balances between the judiciary, the executive, and the legislature? Yup, it’s Weimar Germany all over again.

    A Preussisch remnant of disgruntled militarists such as Erich Ludendorff and the exceptionally senile Paul von Hindenburg? Check. It’s uncanny how Robert gets these little details right, isn’t it?

    A grovelling little Centre Party nitwit like Heinrich Aloysius Maria Elisabeth Brüning? Oh yes, yes indeed. I can immediately guess who that would be.

    In short, Robert is a complete ignoramus in this particular case. Although to be fair he beats the crap out of Kurks, who is even less knowledgeable.

  7. Ivan says:

    This is exactly how Hitler started, leading a band of angry folks to take over a whole country.

    No, Bob. It’s not even close. Even with the incredibly amusing media effort to make him seem like a racist by removing context from his statements, Trump’s campaign does not resemble the start of the NSDAP.

  8. kurkosdr says:

    The tiny fraction of the USAians who are voting for Trump in the primaries are being deluded by a megalomaniac tyrant.

    I wouldn’t call Trump’s voters a tiny fraction, since the guy is on track on becoming the leader of the Republican party of the USA.

    But you are right on the fact that Trump is a loony who would never “attract new crowd” or convince indecisive and people on the outskirts of the Republican circle to come vote for him. So one thing he won’t become is President. Which is probably a good thing for the reasons you mention.

    But a hypothetical Trump president wouldn’t be a tyrant because of his hypothetical democratic election…

  9. kurkosdr wrote, “If the USAian majority elects Trump in free open elections, how is it tyranny?”

    The tiny fraction of the USAians who are voting for Trump in the primaries are being deluded by a megalomaniac tyrant. Do they want their president “going after” individuals who offend him? Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights? This guy does not respect the constitution and makes Obama look like a choir boy when it comes to respecting people. This is exactly how Hitler started, leading a band of angry folks to take over a whole country.

    Ask yourself, if you happen to be really ticked off about something, is it really the right time to be driving your car, pushing buttons at the nuclear plant or selecting a president of the most powerful nation on the planet? This is wrong in so many ways. Unfortunately, Hillary seems to be the last bastion of freedom in USA and she’s pretty weak personally. I hope the electorate comes to its senses.

    Trump and Hillary have the first and second level of dissatisfaction in the polls. I’d rather neither became president. Trump is a tyrant/king/despot and Hillary is rather slimey. Neither should be president, but I’d think she is the lesser of two evils.

  10. kurkosdr says:

    If the USAian majority elects Trump in free open elections, how is it tyranny? I think it’s democracy. ..

    So, according to Pog, the Saudi regime is “legitimate”, but an elected Trump would be tyranny. I ‘d love to see how the world looks from inside the Pog head.

    Also, a President Trump won’t happen because he is not the guy of “let’s try to get everyone on board, mutual compromises on anything” guy that typically get elected president. It will probably be Hillary, a person who’s only accomplishment is being the wife of Bill Clinton, and she wasn’t even good at that (which is why Bill had to find another woman).

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