Encryption – MariaDB

“Encryption of tables and tablespaces was added in MariaDB 10.1.3. There were substantial changes made in MariaDB 10.1.4, and the description below applies only to MariaDB 10.1.4 and later”
See Data at Rest Encryption – MariaDB Knowledge Base
Along with searching for a NAS, I was thinking about encrypting stuff. An update brought to mind encryption of MariaDB. Encryption was in version 10.1.4 and later but I’m using 10.0.x from Debian. 10.1.11 is now available from MariaDB.org (they have .deb packages in jessie, wheezy and sid flavours as well as source code). I could also encrypt NFS network traffic via kerberos if I wanted. It’s all good. Everything’s possible with Debian GNU/Linux.

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