Tallinn Saves A Bundle Using GNU/Linux

“Schools in the city of Tallinn (Estonia) are gradually moving to PC workstations running on free and open source software. A pilot in March 2014 switched 3 schools and 2 kindergartens. Students, teachers, school administration and kindergartens’ staff members are using LibreOffice, Ubuntu-Linux and other open source tools.”
See Tallinn schools piloting open source software
See also Ernst & Young’s Analysis (M$’s exponentially increasing licensing costs, page 7, and bottom lines page 20 in Estonian language)
Of course, in my experience there was no exponential increase in licensing. We used PCs until they died but we did see huge costs of maintenance simply because of failures to boot, slowing down and malware. I noticed that Tallinn calculated huge sums for permission to use M$’s server software on their LAN. That’s outrageous, M$ wanting to be paid multiple times over for permission to use hardware schools own. GNU/Linux has none of those costs and can run everything a school needs if not certain M$-only applications. We certainly lacked nothing in terms of software. Debian’s repositories of GNU/Linux software were abundant compared to the tiny bit of software we could afford with That Other OS.

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