Into The Unknown – Sunday, 2016-01-10

Share of page-views for many countries by all operating systems, mobile or not. Unknown versus Android/Linux
See Top Operating Systems Per Country, 10 Jan 2016
For a long time, I’ve puzzled over what “Unknown” means in StatCounter’s reports. I guessed that it was something to do with Android/Linux because “Unknown” popped up about the same time that Android/Linux disappeared from the “desktop” category. It’s still puzzling but the graph to the right shows some correlation between the share of “Unknown” versus Android/Linux country by country. Against every other OS, the correlation is negative which is what you’d expect in a zero-sum game of operating systems. That is, the higher the share of any other OS, you’d expect that “Unknown” would get a lower share. So, apparently there are Android/Linux devices out there that are unkown to StatCounter, so it classes them as desktops and we get what we get. It’s still not clear whether they are phones, tablets or indeed desktops. I still don’t know of any devices that would have these kinds of numbers that hide the fact of Linux and or Android underneath.
e.g. in

Country Android/Linux Unknown
India 49.20% 12.68%
Tanzania 68.53% 13.73%
Madagascar 27.75% 36.60%
Pakistan 46.09% 7.64%
You’d think “Unknown” would actually be known by someone somewhere with such popularity but I can’t find it. How is it more popular than Android/Linux in some places and StatCounter doesn’t know about it?

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