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How Operating Systems May Affect The US Presidential Election 2016

I had a chuckle yesterday. Rand Paul, one of the GOP candidates stated that the polls were “off” because many young people use smartphones… I’ve been thinking of this for hours and it occurred to me that Paul is correct. … Continue reading

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One Place I Taught

“Four people have been killed and several injured in shootings in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan, police say.” See Canada shootings: Four killed in Saskatchewan – BBC NewsI taught in many places in northern Canada, good, bad and ugly. La … Continue reading

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Want Freedom To Choose Your Hardware? Choose GNU/Linux.

“Going forward, as new silicon generations are introduced, they will require the latest Windows platform at that time for support. This enables us to focus on deep integration between Windows and the silicon, while maintaining maximum reliability and compatibility with … Continue reading

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We Are There

Oh my! Look what ARMed processors/SoCs they’re putting into smartphones for 2016: 8 to 10 cores, a variety of clocks from 1gHz or so to 2.5gHz, a variety of cores for different loads: A53, A57, and A72, 14-20nm details, and … Continue reading

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Into The Unknown – Sunday, 2016-01-10

 Share of page-views for many countries by all operating systems, mobile or not. Unknown versus Android/Linux See Top Operating Systems Per Country, 10 Jan 2016For a long time, I’ve puzzled over what “Unknown” means in StatCounter’s reports. I guessed that it … Continue reading

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Wintel Is Sick

“Worldwide PC shipments totaled 71.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2015 (4Q15), a year-on-year decline of -10.6%, according to the International Data Corporation” See PC Market Finishes 2015 As Expected, Hopefully Setting the Stage for a More Stable FutureWintel … Continue reading

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Got Control Of Your PC?

“According to a report by Woody Leonhard at InfoWorld, the newest version of the KB3035583 update includes a background process which scans the system’s Windows Registry twice a day to see if the values for the four aforementioned registry inputs … Continue reading

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ARMed Explosion – 2016 Edition

We’ve seen ARMed processors coming on strongly in consumer markets and dipping a toe in servers but 2016 seems to be the year that everyone can have what they want using an ARMed processor. Personally, I want a new motherboard … Continue reading

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Linux 4.4 Could Be Released Tomorrow

“Expect final 4.4 next weekend, unless something very unexpected happens. Linus” See Linux-Kernel Archive: Linux 4.4-rc8I’m looking forward to the new kernel. There’s nothing seriously wrong with the version I’m running but there are always a few improvements that could help and … Continue reading

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Road To Damascus

“Dread started to creep up my spine as I sat there, eyes focused on the Blue Screen of Death. At the time, there were a few spare PC parts around the house but nothing to build a workable desktop from. … Continue reading

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Walking The Dog

I don’t have a dog. I don’t like dogs and they usually don’t like me. I’m a walker. On my walks I’m often accosted by dogs being territorial, despite the municipal by-law stating dogs must not demonstrate aggression on or … Continue reading

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Trusting Intel…

“ME has access to everything that is important. It has unconstrained access to DRAM, to the actual CPU, to GPU, it can also talk to your networking card, especially your Ethernet card, the controller for which is also in the … Continue reading

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