GIMP Versus Old Thin Clients

“this problem is easily solved. Have a look in the ‘View’ menu and find the item ‘Show Selection’. Read the shortcut (possibly Ctrl+T) and now you know how to hide the selection.”
See Hiding “the marching ants”
Folks often tell me how horrid thin clients are. Well, it depends on what you’re doing. If your connection is 100 mbits/s and your CPU is an ancient model from VIA… you have to work a bit to get usability.

Take GIMP, for instance, the ubiquitous image-editing software that’s “not as good as…”. It works fine from a thin client except when you select something for “cut and paste” operations. Then, it calls out the selection with “marching ants”, actual animation on your screen. Not good. There is a workaround, however. In the “View” menu item, you can turn off “Show selection” and the ants go away. You can still see the selection as a thin line, so you’re good, no longer having to redraw a screen over that slow connection. The ants return on subsequent images though. So, to keep them away, go to “Edit/Preferences/Appearance” and uncheck “Show selection” in two places, normal window and full-screen.

This saved me a headache when The Little Woman kept asking me to edit her images. Now she can do it herself and GIMP doesn’t slow to a crawl. 😉 This worked in version 2.8.14 in Debian Jessie. I’ve built and installed GIMP 2.9.2 from source in a virtual machine running Debian Stretch/9.0/testing, which has many improvements, and the behaviour is the same. BTW, Debian Stretch installed without a hitch and ran flawlessly.

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2 Responses to GIMP Versus Old Thin Clients

  1. dougman wrote, “Go purchase a chromebook, and run gimp by way of rollapp.”

    TLW’s notebook has died. It’s power supply is broken so we might buy a chromebook but I would install Debian GNU/Linux. I should also give ARM a try. Samsung has a nice one and there’s a recipe for installing Debian GNU/Linux. It has “n” networking so we might have to buy a better wireless router.

  2. dougman says:

    Oh dear, what a nightmare! Gimp on a thin client? What is this the 90s?? Go purchase a chromebook, and run gimp by way of rollapp.

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