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Linux On Web Clients In 2015

I’m cheating a bit. 2015 isn’t quite done yet, but the web stats are piling up.  See StatCounterGNU/Linux is apparently right back where it started despite a terrible slowdown in shipments of That Other OS on Wintel boxes and huge … Continue reading

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Ian Murdock

“Ian Murdock, founder of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution project, has died at the age of 42. His death, announced in a blog post by Docker CEO Ben Golub, came after an apparent encounter with police and a statement posted on … Continue reading

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Oracle, The Butt Of Jokes

Chuckle. Oracle, one of the most powerful corporations in IT was the butt of a joke on lkml.“I’m thinking a patch this size wouldn’t qualify for copyright even if an Oracle Lawyer claimed it.” see mm: fix noisy sparse warning They … Continue reading

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State Of The Desktop PC

“Although worldwide desktop shipments are expected to drop up to 15% on year in 2015, the volume in 2016 is only expected to decline less than 7% in 2016 thanks to increasing demand for high-end gaming, professional workstation and embedded-related … Continue reading

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Linux-4.4 Imminent

“I’d almost certainly ready to just release the final 4.4, but will probably do an rc8 just to not open the merge window while people are still recovering from the holidays.” Linus See Linux-Kernel Archive: Linux 4.4-rc7Linus Torvalds has just released Linux … Continue reading

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Under Pressure From Shareholders, M$ Folds, Promising To Be Good

“DiPhilipo and Barovic issued separate demands on the Board to investigate and commence an action against certain current and/or former directors and executive officers of the Company. Plaintiffs’ demands were substantially identical and were reviewed by a Demand Review Committee … Continue reading

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Metal Fatigue

The other day, when I was clearing the driveway of snow for the Christmas Dinner, the snow-blower quit working. Oh, it would push snow but the auger would not turn. I could not see any jam or lump of ice … Continue reading

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Grenoble Set FREE

“Grenoble, France’s 16th largest city, is committed to the use of free software. This type of ICT solutions facilitaties the sharing of knowledge, empowers citizens and institutions and helps to cut costs, the city said in a statement. The city … Continue reading

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Chromebooks And Other GNU/Linux Thin Clients Thrive

“Built for the rigors of the fast-paced medical environment, Samsung’s Chromebook 2 lineup offers a choice of processors—the Intel Celeron or the energy-efficient Exynos 5 Octa—and up to 4GB of RAM for speed and performance. The devices can last a … Continue reading

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Smartphones, The New Implanted PCs

“Global smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter will increase to 396.8 million units, leading to 1.326 billion units for 2015 which will rise 10.1% on year.” See Digitimes Research: Over 331 million smartphones shipped globally in 3Q15Wow! M$ used to brag … Continue reading

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Thank you, China

I’ve been shopping at and for a while now. It’s an adventure. It’s full of surprises and it can save me quite a bit of time and money. Recently I ordered a bunch of items including mousetraps, a … Continue reading

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Got A FLOSS Office Suite?

 See LibreOffice 5.0.4 is available for downloadYes, most of us need an office suite, but we don’t need a bunch of restrictions on its use designed to enrich the supplier far beyond normal profits of business. That’s a bunch of … Continue reading

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