Zaragoza Going The FLOSS Route

“The Spanish city of Zaragoza continues to expand its use of free and open source software. The city administration now has 1200 of its 3000 PCs running the AZLinux desktop, which is based on Ubuntu Linux. On all workstations, LibreOffice is the default office suite, and the city by default uses the Open Document Format ODF.
“We try to use free and open source software solutions wherever we can”, says Eduardo Romero, the IT specialist who is leading Zaragoza’s desktop transition project.”
See Zaragoza continues its transition to open source
Remember when Munich was news? Well, here we are a decade later and it’s just routine that local governments are going to FLOSS. It just makes sense: spend less on licences, avoid monopoly prices, and take control of your IT in the organization. What’s not to like?

Again, the key is avoiding the lock-in of the office suite. LibreOffice is so good that’s getting to be easy once the macros are scrapped. Who needs them? Use web-applications or other FLOSS tools and be done with them. The file formats are now not even on the radar, thanks to the thousand or so developers contributing tweaks to the Libreoffice code.

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2 Responses to Zaragoza Going The FLOSS Route

  1. oiaohm says:

    DrLoser lets over look the fact that the most recent Munich reports state that the higher running costs of returning to Microsoft products make it impossible to migrate back.

    So Munich example is not a failure not mater how much you want to make it out to be.
    Migration to Libreoffice was 2012.

    Is there another municipality with circa 2 million enforced slaves (no choice in what IT their local government imposes on them) on the horizon?
    About time we heard that news.

    Only 2 million you think small.
    Spain has been doing country wide migrations since 2003. Sorry in scale of Linux Migrations Munich is small fry compare to other government migrations.

    Please note the 2milion population of munich are not forced to use FOSS solutions as long as closed source solutions are operate effectively.

    In fact munich government using Standard conforming FOSS means closed source applications like MS Office has to become more standard conforming.
    Now lets take the 35million brazil school students. They truly don’t have a choice in the matter.

    DrLoser really the only thing that makes Munich note worthy is the news coverage it has got and how slow it was to migrate. Compared to other FOSS migrations Munich was a pure snail. Munich size is not particularly large. Less than 2 million is nothing compare to some other cities who core operations depend on FOSS. Just most of the large FOSS cities have not bothered doing anything to get press attention.

    DrLoser you are a idiot on FOSS migrations who has completely depended on rag press to educated you.

    As Robert says Linux migrations by governements have been normal. In fact normal for the past 8 years. Microsoft paying HP to produce a bogus cost document on Munch was mostly to convince governments and companies not to consider the FOSS route. If fact were on Microsoft side there would have been no need to pay groups to produce bogus documents.

  2. DrLoser says:

    Remember when Munich was news?

    Not really, no.
    Is there another municipality with circa 2 million enforced slaves (no choice in what IT their local government imposes on them) on the horizon?
    About time we heard that news.

    Oh, wait. The municipality of Munich specifically voted for ten-plus years of an ongoing FLOSS disaster, didn’t they? Absolutely no other reason to vote the SDP in at all, was there?

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