“French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said European countries must “wake up” to terror threats, following the attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead.”
See Paris attacks: France calls on EU to ‘wake up’ to threat
“The killing of a Chinese national by the Islamic State (IS) militant group has sent shockwaves across China.
Official reaction was swift. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned IS for the kidnapping and killing of Fan Jinghui, and vowed to “bring the culprits to justice”. “
See IS killing of Chinese hostage: A game changer?
I am so frustrated by the defensive attitude of so many governments to ISIS and other threats. Building walls won’t even slow these guys down. They have to be killed just like human wave attacks against machine-guns and artillery. You can’t keep all of them out. You have to kill them.

ISIS wants to die. It is a death-cult. Grant them their wish. Send multiple armies with close air support to wipe them out. We can’t reason with them. We can’t change how we operate to please them. We can’t appease them. We have to kill them.

The Canadian Government is treating IS like a natural disaster they can deal with by sending food, tents and blankets. That won’t work. ISIS is coming for us. They won’t stay home. They won’t quit spreading their disgusting propaganda to incite weak minds. They won’t stop until they are all dead. Canada should immediately seek to mobilize, recruiting ~100K shooters. We can make short work of ISIS. They can’t kill us all if we work together. The world should put a million soldiers with air-cover in Syria and Iraq and clean up the place. Instead of us letting terrorists kill 20 citizens for every one of theirs that dies we should kill 50 of them for every casualty on our side until they are finished.

I appreciate that destabilizing Iraq was a trigger for ISIS but that’s not our fault. Bush and his folks made Sadaam’s army unemployed and ISIS picked up the pieces. We don’t have to repeat that mistake. The Kurds in Iraq and Syria can run a country properly. They won’t bow to ISIS. Arm the Kurds. Join forces with them and kick butt. ISIS is still tiny by global standards. It’s not too late to stop it before we have real problems.

The USAians are claiming Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others will have to step up. We can’t wait for that. Take over Iraq and Syria as failed states and nurse them back to health. The Saudis have long had a chance to help so they should not complain if we, the world, fix the problem. It’s our problem too and we should not expect the Saudis to fix our problems.

Clinton is right about closing Syrian airspace. She’s wrong about not putting in troops. It takes troops to hold territory. Europe, North America, the Chinese now, even the Russians should all see it is in our best interests to put a lid on this mess right now. While we are at it, we can fix Palestine too. That festering sore is older than I am.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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22 Responses to WAKE UP, WORLD!

  1. Ivan wrote, “Buddhists are just as violent as everyone else.”

    In a sense, that may be true. They are human and with human weakness built in but Buddhists I’ve known captured flies alive and escorted them out of their homes… I’d say they were nonviolent by my own standards. I use a fly-swatter and I have been known to use an air-rifle. I’m a lot more violent than some Buddhists.

  2. Ivan says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, Bob. Buddhists are just as violent as everyone else.

  3. YY wrote, “To just blame ISIS would be very narrow minded. If any, ISIS is our friend and their followers true heroes and true muslims. They are willing to die for their cause and they expose the true face and intention of islam.”

    That’s crap. Islam is about peace and “submission to God”, not tyrants and bandits. That’s all ISIL is, a death-cult hijacking religion. That’s been done before. The Catholics once gave a death-sentence to all the residence of the Netherlands. That’s an example of “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”. Even the buddhists who normally won’t kill a fly contributed to WWII worshipping their emperor as a God.

    No, this has nothing to do with religion. That’s just the prattle of the con-men.

  4. YY says:

    To just blame ISIS would be very narrow minded. If any, ISIS is our friend and their followers true heroes and true muslims. They are willing to die for their cause and they expose the true face and intention of islam. Indeed, their severe and dangerous religious Delusional Disorder is complete!

    Now take those cowards, those economic refugees, who are not defending their territory, wife, children, believe. Those cowards who are safe in Turkey but are willing to risk the lives of their wife and children on a 5 dollar floating boat just for economical reasons. Those cowards who should be jailed for second degree murder if anyone dies on this unnecessary risky journey. Yeah, those cowards, who come to Europe to profit and prey from the values and freedom their own religion despice. Those cowards who would never really believe in something like Pro aris et focis – For God and country. Those cowards who should be fighting in Syria for their freedom but instead come to Europe to spread their hate values.

    I must always laugh when I hear people or the press ask in confusion: “Why do they hate us?”
    They don’t hate us, they just do what their religion demands from them: islamization of the whole world. Either by word (democratic with populating) or by sword (war and terrorism). The most dangerous part is the first and because of our naive and negligent politics we need the latter.

    It is not accidental that it are mainly the young who are the warriors of ISIS. They are the ones who are the most impatient. But it is all the same, only the method differs.

    As we all know from experience, muslims are pathological liars, they are obliged to do so if needed as written in the koran, to spread islam.

    Actually, ISIS is our friend for it exposes the true face and goals of muslims. We need and deserve much more blood so in the end even the most naive and negligent must conclude: Islam is in war with us, always have been, always will be. Now it’s the time, it’s our duty, to neutralize it. It’s time we answer this threat with an final and total solution.


  5. DrLoser wrote, “How’s the “Sabbatical” going, by the way?”

    Thank Goodness I’m retired and not on sabbatical. I don’t have to grit my teeth to go back… At first retirement was frustrating because The Little Woman thinks I’m a whimp for retiring and she has all the time in the world to plant trees and such but this year we planted a whole bunch of trees and I’ll plant another hundred next year. In a few years we should be self-sufficient in trees/fruit/nuts. I like that. The blog is more automated now and works for me. I’ll have time soon to finish that ballistic programme. Even the blood sugar/pressure/cholesterol and weight are under control. Life is good. 😉

  6. DrLoser says:

    How’s the “Sabbatical” going, by the way?

  7. DrLoser says:

    Hah, Soros demands that the EU take in immigrants and Dr. Idiot calls it a “conspiracy” of nutter proportions

    Not really, Dog-Brain.

    I was being entirely unfair to all three of your cites, but I’ll stand by my claim that you are a nutter conspiracy freak with anti-“Hungarian” tendencies.

    So you see, Mr. Soros is using his capital to destabilize both America and Europe.

    Not being a conspiracy nutter, Dog-Brain, I don’t quite see how George Soros’ Hungarian capital would stand any chance whatsoever of “destabilizing both America and Europe.”

    Do please elucidate.

    Swap Hungarian for, say, Cosmopolitan.

    Oh … wait, you’re not being anti-Semitic at all, are you?

    None of those cites would lead anybody to a nutter conspiracy theory. They do nothing but quote George Soros, of said ethnic background, on his attitude to European immigration.

    Which is something that I think can be safely left to European governments, and not to a conspiracy nutter like you, Dog-Brain.

  8. dougman says:

    Hah, Soros demands that the EU take in immigrants and Dr. Idiot calls it a “conspiracy” of nutter proportions.

    Actually, I feel sorry for the UK folk in a mild way, they are unarmed and have no backbone and now endure the flood of extremists via the Chunnel.


    Its an epic movie in the making I say, “Children of Men” was a walk in the park compared to what’s been happening. The UK will become a cesspool in 15 years or less, bordering on Detroit here in the States.

  9. DrLoser says:

    Sorry not into bible thumping.

    I think the salient point here, Dog-Brain, is that your three (linked) conspiracy theories are more or less on the same intellectual level — read preposterous — as olderman’s link to a bible-thumping conspiracy theory.

    Personally, I harbor the suspicion that you, and all four cited conspiracy theory nutters, have a visceral hatred for George Soros simply because he is Hungarian.

    I mean, there’s no other attribute of George Soros that could possibly incite raving thoughtless ignorant nutters to propose an absurd conspiracy theory featuring George Soros, is there?

    Oh … wait …

  10. IGnatius T Foobar quoted Donald Trump.

    The Donald is an idiot. You can’t kill ’em all and let God sort them out or you are as bad as the bad guys. Insurgents like these bastards are not shy to kill civilians nor to hide amongst them. You have to get up close and personal to sort them out. That’s risky but it has to be done. There’s been lots of practice in Afghanistan and Iraq to know how to do it. Bombing is great for obvious targets of military value and laser designation from some observer but they are useless to root out the evil. Arm the Kurds and support them with troops. They know how to fight. Even their women fight better than the emasculated Iraqi army.

  11. I’ve only heard one reasonable plan for dealing with the islamic state, and it came from one Donald J. Trump : “Bomb the shit out of them.”

    These people are not wired like we are. The only language they understand is violence. We need to give it to them.

  12. dougman wrote, “Mr. Soros is using his capital to destabilize both America and Europe”.

    Look, this humanitarian crisis cannot be tolerated by freedom-loving people. Either we fix the real problem, tyrants in the Middle East, or we help the refugees or both. As long as the world wrings its hands instead of sending in troops the refugees are our only avenue of avoiding the shame of tolerating or promoting crimes against humanity.

    Refugees make great immigrants. I would send ships and planes to bring them to Canada if I were in charge. The Canadian government is doing a little but making it very bureaucratic. Issue identity cards enroute. Build whole communities for the refugees.

    At the same time, Canada should be increasing its number of shooters by a huge factor, putting us on a war footing instead of “peace-keeping” without a peace to keep. If I were in charge, Canada would already have a large base of operations in Kurdistan with multiple armies working side by side with the Kurds to retake Mosul and to capture Raqqa. Instead of worrying about refugees we would be holding international criminal trials by now if Obama’s red line had meant anything. This is not the USA’s problem. It is everyone’s problem. The destabilizers are the tyrants not those helping refugees.

  13. dougman says:

    Sorry not into bible thumping.

  14. olderman says:

    “Denying Soros involvement is funny, shows how little you know of the world.”

    So are we to believe this…



  15. olderman says:

    ““Novus Ordo Seclorum”…entertainment? Its on the back of the U.S. Dollar”

    True enough, but when you combine

    “Soros is the culprit.” with “Novus Ordo Seclorum” and you get…



  16. dougman says:

    How’s my sabbatical? Just great, I go back to work in 2016. Being able to enjoy some time off instead of waiting while you’re half-dead, blind and arthritic bound is something that does not appeal to me.

    “Novus Ordo Seclorum”…entertainment? Its on the back of the U.S. Dollar


  17. olderman says:

    Don’t Forget…

    “Novus Ordo Seclorum”

    for the entertainment pleasure of all…


  18. DrLoser says:

    Clinton/Obama are puppets.

    Saudi Arabia backs these jihads.

    Soros is the culprit.

    So, no conspiracy theory there then, Dougie.

    How’s unemployment … sorry, the Sabbatical … treating you?

  19. dougman says:

    What does the Western world need with a gas pipeline? Seems like it already has enough oil/gas hence the following articles.

    Canada is now in a recession: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/01/us-canada-economy-idUSKCN0R13S620150901

    Then you have the U.S. cheap gas arriving: http://money.cnn.com/2015/11/18/news/economy/two-dollar-gas/index.html

    Now you read that Saudi Aramco is not planning any large plants in the next ten-years:

    KUKU, do you even know what you are talking about? Seriously, to make a bold statement like that and I provide evidence to the contrary, makes you look like an idiot!

  20. kurkosdr says:

    The Western World (Canada included) wants it’s gas pipeline from the Middle East to Europe no matter what. Problem is that Syria stands in the way, with Assad being a friend of Putin and Putin not wanting more competition in that not-so-niche market called “supplying the whole Europe with gas”.

    It’s no coincidence that many of the FSA factions proved to be Jihadists, who later jumped to ISIS taking their western guns and military training along with them. The West knew, they just didn’t care, as long as they would allow the pipeline to go through their turf. It’s no coincidence that all those western air-raids achieved nothing significant, and sometimes they even accidentally bombed Kurds instead. It’s also no coincidence that Putin interfered just about when the Jihadists were about to hit shore and the Turkish border, enabling a pipeline route, and Putin’s air raids are actually doing something.

  21. dougman says:

    Clinton/Obama are puppets.

    Saudi Arabia backs these jihads.

    Soros is the culprit.

    The end game is to destabilize nations, and bring order from chaos, “Novus Ordo Seclorum”

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