The Hunt 2015 – Day Three Point Five

OK. I did another half-day of hunting with the muzzleloader and had no fun at all so I didn’t feel much like writing about it. Then followed days of rain and wind…

So, today was the first day of “general” deer season when you can use any legal device, archery, muzzle-loading, shotgun with slugs, center-fire rifle, even crossbows… I went out with two hunting/shooting buddies and we arrived shortly before legal hunting time and walked to our planned ambush. One deer was seen over several hours and the cold seeped into our bones.

Plan B was a newbie and I hiking in a rectangular pattern around the spot guarded by the other. We hoped to scare up something. Two deer-beds were seen and the newbie got lost in a thicket of willows but he navigated on his own via smartphone. It was a very strange day. There was almost no wind which made shooting easy but the woods were so quiet that you could not move without being heard. Also, the rifles were so cold that fog patches condensed on the rifles, something I’ve never seen before. El Nino again, I guess. We should be at -10C and we are instead at refrigerator temperatures, too warm for a parka, and too cold for a jacket over a sweater. We were either sweating when walking around or teeth chattering sitting for long.

In the afternoon we split up, each covering more territory. I found a very comfortable sandpile upon which to sit and my back was exposed to the sun, absolutely glorious. The sandpile also allow me to sit with my feet slightly lower than my butt while allowing nice flat trenches for my feet. I could rest my left elbow on my left knee and cover a 100 yard X 20 yard opening with a very steady hold.

Near sunset the bush came alive with the sounds of deer moving but none showed themselves. There was one grunt. This is the sound I heard. I guess the buck had better things to do than play with me. I was using a Mauser 98k older than I but still quite deadly at such ranges. Until the light got very dim I could easily deal a deadly blow. When I could no longer see my sights I unloaded and headed back to the rendezvous.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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