GNU/Linux Breaks Out On Desktops In Palau

See Top 7 Desktop OSs in Palau from 30 Aug to 28 Sept 2015
Wow! Palau may be tiny but apparently Palauans love GNU/Linux. I guess they were tired of having PCs that slowed down under their burden of malware while costing an arm and a leg to maintain. Such a rapid development seems like a roll-out in schools or government. So far, I haven’t found any reports of rampant GNU/Linux but their website is not very current…

UPDATE: This is getting silly… 2015-09-29 StatCounter shows GNU/Linux at 92.43%. Is this real or is some website on StatCounter’s list in a tight loop around Palau? Perhaps one of Palau’s servers is part of a botnet… Well, this does make Palau easy to find on StatCounter’s map

UPDATE: Yep, it continues. Now GNU/Linux has reached 95% but it’s almost certainly because a GNU/Linux botnet is spoofing Palau. According to Norse, attacks on USA and Europe originate mostly in China but partly from Palau. I hope it doesn’t reflect poorly on GNU/Linux that some folks have weak passwords on their powerful GNU/Linux systems, but, hey, there’s no such thing as bad advertising and putting Palau on the map for GNU/Linux might boost tourism…

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9 Responses to GNU/Linux Breaks Out On Desktops In Palau

  1. oiaohm says:
    DrLoser there are a lot of cruises around the world with higher than average Linux populations.

    Also just remember there is another issue here that explains why Palau could be odd ball in insane ways.

    Palau Island is a radio relay station and sat down-up-link station and linked to the world fiber optic network. Remember lot of aircraft in seat systems are Debian Linux relation. So Aircraft flying by people using the aircraft built in computers to look up the Internet they could appear to becoming from Palau Island as it could be the nearest downlink. Also particular northern Australia to southern china Sat Internet providers down-link is also Palau Island. So no the bot does not have to be spoofing. Yes you want sat Internet in china that goes past the china firewall you are connecting to a sat with down-link at Palau Island.

    Area of users connecting by Palau Island is larger than the USA. This is what makes the swing number there interesting. The types of users connecting are also interesting. So aircraft, cruseships and sat Internet is the majority of Palau traffic. Local population of Palau would not even make up 0.001 percent of Palau traffic even under normal conditions.

  2. DrLoser says:

    Don’t forget the tourists. There must be a few thousand visiting this island-paradise in the high season, nearly any time of the year. I actually looked to see if some conference of Linux-geeks visited but could not find any.

    Wot no conference? Well, 20,000 and a handful of tourists should be a real shot in the arm for FLOSS, anyhow.
    Can’t imagine why the Mighty Linux User Group Avalanche has not yet landed on Palau. Possibly because it’s not worth the time of the usual expensive “expert” speakers?

  3. kurkosdr says:

    There are all kinds of retailers with huge inventories of it unsold. Perhaps they will donate them to schools where the kids could install Debian GNU/Linux.

    Shouldn’t Microsoft be buying those things back? Much like news corporations buyback unsold newspapers and the press buys back unsold magazines?

    I wonder how physical retailers make any money. Nowadays, physical stores are a place where you go and try out stuff before you buy them online, and now they probably have unsold copies of Win8 littering the place (every store has them, even today, the copies of Win8 on the self are more than the copies of Win10). My guess is high-margin products like Monster cables and Beats Audio stuff.

  4. kurkosdr wrote, “i don’t like the windows 8.1 it shipped with”.

    There are all kinds of retailers with huge inventories of it unsold. Perhaps they will donate them to schools where the kids could install Debian GNU/Linux.

  5. kurkosdr wrote, “there is nothing to be gained from gnu/linux preinstalls”.

    Yes, popularity! The ordinary folk need preinstalls. They are not computer-geeks. They are not builders. They are not programmers. They barely understand the concept of a file or file-system let alone have any interest in creating same. Take my Little Woman, for example. Remember the days of DOS 2 and TOOS “3”? She needed written instructions in how to do every routine task. It took her a decade to chuck those damned lists. I remember them still, a handful of legal-sized sheets with step by step instructions. How to start this. How to save that. It was all written down. Eventually, she memorized the steps for Lose 3. By the time of XP, she could manage with much less help, but even the concept of installing any software at all was over her head. She can run GNU/Linux just fine these days but there’s no way she would every buy a naked PC and populate it. It would probably take me a year to teach her how to do that and I’m expert at doing that. My students used to learn that in an hour or so, practice a few times and they were good, but not The Little Woman nor most adults. Adaptability in IT seems to be the domain of the young. Less lock-in means more flexibility. When the smartphone came along, youngsters were just cool with them but even the youngsters rarely would have a concept of installing an OS. An app, maybe. I understand the typical smartphone in the hands of a youngster has 50 apps installed. TLW has a browser and FB and camera.

    So, yes, if you want millions to use GNU/Linux PCs, you have to preinstall GNU/Linux, almost any distro would do equally well but it has to be point and click, not boot, configure the BIOS, insert medium and answer skill-testing questions in a foreign language. Fortunately, most OEMs today do ship some GNU/Linux pieces but there are still retailers who don’t get the concept of selling what consumers want instead of what Wintel wants.

  6. kurkosdr says:

    On a side-note: I never understood why FOSSies want so much for gnu/linux to “be more popular”. Can’t they enjoy their gnu/linux and let us unworthy plebs use Windows?

    At first, I thought it was hardware support. Aka that the communitah assumed that popularity was the only way to get working drivers. Well guess what, for their own purposes each, Intel (Tizen) and Nvidia (SteamOS) ship working drivers for gnu/linux (to the extent the fundamental flaws of allow gpu drivers to be working). Most wifi cards work now and most audio is bog-standard HDA. You have hardware support.

    Then I thought it was games. But Windows PC gaming has become a wasteland of buggy xbox ports and free-to-play junk. So there goes that.

    Then I thought it was preinstalls and the “windows tax” you alledgely have to pay with every PC. But two weeks ago, I bought a new laptop windows-free (i present the receipt so Pog can’t claim that windows-free PCs are some sort of mythical and un-order-able piece of hardware mere mortals can’t obtain, in fact it arrived home in less that 48 hours). I did this because i don’t like the windows 8.1 it shipped with (and can’t be bothered with the whole “install all optional 8.1 updates and reserve the win10 upgrade thing and then wait”), so I bought windows 10 seperately (i present photo so DrLoser can’t claim I bought a windows-free PC to install pirate windows). Please don’t tell the folks at PenguinDay because I ‘ll have to return my hater card even though I still hate 10 (but not as much as 8.x). Point is, there is nothing to be gained from gnu/linux preinstalls. The only thing to gain is McAfee subscription nagscreens and trialware bloatware. And since this is open-source anyone can examine, modify amd redistribute ™, any popularization of gnu/linux would make it go the way of android, which went from relatively unmodified (HTC Magic and Motorola Droid) to a heavily “customized” mess like TouchWiz and Sense.

    So, why all the fuss about popularity? Can’t you let us Windows users soak up all the bloatware and enjoy your gnu/linux? Are you annoyed merely by the fact MS makes money despire being “unethical” according to your FOSSie values? Do you want to “liberate” people who couldn’t care less about this stuff and just want to put minimal effort in their computing and be left alone by “liberators”? (they do not want to relearn new OSes or re-acquire new apps or mess with wine).

    Is there another reason why you guys care so much about popularity?

  7. DrLoser wrote, “Twenty one thousand more people, almost none of whom had a choice in the matter, on the side of the Revolution!”

    Don’t forget the tourists. There must be a few thousand visiting this island-paradise in the high season, nearly any time of the year. I actually looked to see if some conference of Linux-geeks visited but could not find any. They admit to having some GNU/Linux servers and a few years ago at least some of the PCs in schools ran GNU/Linux. Carnegie Mellon University students used to help them with IT for a project. No recent news though… Websites of the government are not up to date.

  8. DrLoser says:

    Yay! Twenty one thousand more people, almost none of whom had a choice in the matter, on the side of the Revolution!

    The extrapolation curve is not strong on this one, old Jedi.

  9. ram says:

    Those are mostly large resorts and government offices. They use the same Linux based hosting and services provider.

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