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To Underscore Or Not To Underscore, That Is The Question

For years, I’ve been annoyed by a mistake made back in 2008. Somehow, I created two tags for articles, “market share”, and “market_share”. Today, I decided to fix that so folks searching one or the other would find the whole … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Touted As Safe Replacement For Illegal Software In Bangladesh

“Replacement of pirated software by free/open-source equivalents has effectively saved Kazi Farms Group and Dhaka Tribune from any worry of potential future piracy raids and arrests. It has also saved a total of 800 x 40,000 = Tk3.2cr ($400,000) in … Continue reading

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LibreOffice Installations In EU Governments Approach One Million

“Total cost of ownership (including exit costs) must continue to be considered by government organisations on a case by case basis. In the same way, transition costs from current technology to meet ODF requirements cannot be included in cost assessments, … Continue reading

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