Why Everyone Should Hate M$ And Their Desktop OS

“On my Windows 10 machine, this is how I’ve come to start my day: I slowly open my laptop lid, cautiously peer at my screen and wonder what is no longer working like it did yesterday.”
See My biggest problem with Windows 10: Instability
The link to the right is to a fine article by Mary Jo Foley, an experienced users of That Other OS and a long time fan of M$. If she has to reinstall stuff to get it to work right on a quite ordinary PC, you know the millions of users of “10” are also in trouble, taking care of TOOS instead of doing their own thing. That’s not what IT is about. M$ has enslaved ~100million users to beta software as they do with almost every release. They may not have charged people money for the privilege of being enslaved but they have done that with every release in the past and will do so again after they have enough people enslaved to help their bottom line. That’s M$’s business. Lock people in cages and charge them room and board. They can’t leave because they depend on their slave-master for existence. They can’t negotiate the cost of slavery. They’re stuck.

Slavery is not the natural state of mankind. We are descended from a long line of hunters and gatherers who diversified to agriculture and manufacturing, transportation and retail business. We love freedom and choice, not slavery. If you are a slave and you know it, escape slavery. Try Debian GNU/Linux or other prominent distribution of Free/Libre Open Source Software. It won’t cost you much and the licence to use the software also allows you to examine the software, modify and distribute it. That means there is no lock-in as with TOOS. You can’t have a slave-master telling you what to do and not do with your PC, network, server. Read your EULA again. See the articles of enslavement? Restrictions on use, no right to examine or modify or distribute and you can’t even connect a bunch of PCs together without permission from M$… The kicker is you have to accept M$ installing crapware on your computers. With GNU/Linux, there’s none of that, just the freedom to use your PC and fellow users who are able watch out for problems and fix them and share them with your distro and you get the benefit of every user’s improvements. It’s a good deal. Backup your data on an external storage device and go for it. I did 15 years ago and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. Many millions of users around the world enjoy freedom. You can too.

I hate M$ for many good reasons: their business practices to promote lock-in and monopoly, their overly complex and insecure systems, their prices, but the reason I jumped out of their cage was the instability, just what MJF is experiencing so many years later. Every day is a good day to be free. Make this your day.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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14 Responses to Why Everyone Should Hate M$ And Their Desktop OS

  1. YY says:

    Very nice article Robert 🙂

    This is exactly about what it is: slavery. And this Criminal Organization called M$ has done what human slaver has done worldwide. It has robbed the slaves of culture, freedom of thought, ability to independently decide, act and develop and the seamless inability to step out of this dependency.

    The reason I hate M$ is the fear and stupidity they have created.

    You know what the best transition is for the unknown? Just install GNU/Linux and say it is the successor of the Windows they used. Never had any complain and many of their friends came by to ask where they can buy this new ‘Windows’. Obviously, I teach them the name of this Windows has changed to (for instance) Linux Mint Cinnamon. I teach them how to install it themselves and they spread the freedom like free hamburgers! I’ve even had a whole school (children) who (illegally) changed to GNU/Linux without the teachers or board knowing this. And they started to teach the teachers about this Linux thing 😀

    I’ve become ruthless. I help with 1 Windows problem, explain the many faults of using it and present the obvious alternative. When they refuse but however dare to return with a problem that would not have occurred with GNU/Linux, they are on their own. I tell them: “You live as an addict, and now you’ll have to rehab or pay for the drugs and hire an expensive help desk! You obviously are unable to handle the most difficult, unsafe and unreliable OS there is in the world. And if you were, you wouldn’t be using it because you would know better!”.

  2. oiaohm says:

    dougman you need wayback machine of that page and find it only comes into existence November 28, 2013

    The fact that windows 8.1 would be a service pack to Windows 8 was publish November 27 2013. The this new lifecycle page starts ie is the new page http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/lifecycle

    If I could find the url for the prior Lifecycle page it listed Windows 8 and 8.1 with different EOL dates.

    This prior history says we have to take the lifecycle page with a super big grain of salt.

    Seriously, how would uploading/downloading destroy a server?
    I was meaning crushing as in DOS attack. Microsoft update servers only have X amount of bandwidth.

    dougman two things here Microsoft has not explained why they are pushing out Windows 10 with such force and Microsoft has not made a press release stating that Windows 10 upgrade will or will not become Windows 7/8.1 service pack. Remember 8.1 upgrade came a service pack for 8.0 many months after its formal release.

    Behavour is suggesting hat Windows 10 upgrade has high odds of being declared a Windows 7/8.1 service pack.

  3. dougman says:

    Windows 10 is not a service pack.

    Windows 7 & 8 have different EOL dates.

    Considering I just established that the EOL dates are on different dates, there will be no “avoid last month panic crashing their servers”

    Seriously, how would uploading/downloading destroy a server?

  4. oiaohm says:

    dougman windows 10 being forced out as a update suggest is a service pack for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. What means from the release date of the update the life span of Windows 7 and 8.1 for updates could be 12 months.

    Yes Windows 7 and 8.1 might end of life on exactly the same day. Remember Windows 8.0 end of life 12 months after the release of 8.1.

    Now reason why Microsoft might be trying to get Windows 7 and 8.1 with the install files for Windows 10 is to avoid last month panic crashing their servers. Also Microsoft will not want to say anything until a big enough percentage have windows 10 so panic does not destroy their servers as well.

  5. dougman says:

    See what happens when you don’t OWN your computer software? YOU as the consumer are subject to an abusive relationship with a “past tense” monopolistic whore.

    “The download (upload) is delivered through Windows Update — the place you would normally expect to find patches, bug fixes, and driver updates, not 6GB of unwanted data. What’s particularly interesting is that Microsoft does not even try to pretend that it is not happening. The company really is downloading (uploading) Windows 10 behind people’s backs.”

    In all seriousness, I can believe M$ are counting all these forced uploads, as one of their 100 million installations.


  6. dougman says:

    Just one more reason to toss into the pile.

    “automatic download of updates was meant for security patches and the like. A major operating system upgrade hardly counts as an “update”.”


  7. Mats Hagglund wrote, “Thinking Windows nowadays is like thinking telex.”

    One of my first jobs at university was sitting for days at a TeleType machine editing PDP9 software to run on a PDP15. The room was about 80dB and I had a hard time reading docs and printouts because I was so used to reading in silent as a tomb classrooms and libraries.

  8. Mats Hagglund says:

    Thinking Windows nowadays is like thinking telex. Those days have gone. Windows means nothing to me – personally. Haven’t used it since 2008.

  9. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr VMware is a super bad example. Particular versions of VMWare don’t work after Linux kernel 3.9 because a feature was removed new version. create_proc_entry() becomes proc_create() . What is the difference between these two functions. Yes they create the same thing a proc entry. The new version proc_create makes a new entry that is read only by default. Where create_proc_entry() is read write. Security fault so justified snap.

    VMWare is not a normal proprietary app. Majority of applications don’t need to modify the kernel. VMWare officially supports running on Debian and Redhat. VMWare does not officially support running on Ubuntu.

    Debian and Redhat pages on VMWare provided fix instructions.

    kurkosdr I have a lot of closed source I use under Linux every day. Not one of them needs a kernel mod. But I have bundled them with runtime.

    There is a big problem here it exists between the keyboard and chair. People are expecting all applications to work without having to put in any effort. People under windows forget they have to unistall particular KB items so particular applications work. Linux Distrobutions normally don’t provide the option of remove security fix but instead demard fixing application.

    The reality is sections of Linux are fixed for security reasons. Those fixes from time to time break applications. Not fixing the the fault leaves an exploit for attackers to use.

    Nice hardware drivers if you mean Nvidia. Nvidia is not nice. Nvidia started off with a Full X11 server and over the years has slimmed down.

    I remember Nvidia and the page size issues. This was where if you build your kernel with anything other than a 8kb page size the nvidia driver died.

    Next Nvidia driver ABI to Userspace. You cannot use a newer version of Nvidia Libraries with a old closed source Nvidia kernel driver.

    O it gets better. All versions of Nvidia drivers loaded in kernel space display the same Module name. Linux kernel driver development policy says different generations of hardware drivers should appear different in lsmod. kurkosdr please note you cannot pass Windows driver certification by Microsoft and pull this crap.

    I really wish we would get decent closed source drivers for Linux. But todo that I think we would need a proper certification program.

    Really I don’t know of a single Linux or BSD closed source driver that passes the basic policy requirements(all the requirements bar being open source Linus GPL compadible) put on open source drivers wishing to be included with the Linux kernel.

    The reality that closed source drivers for Linux are not quality undermines the means for those groups to get any form of support.

    I can point to open source ones that exist outside the Linux mainline like http://zfsonlinux.org/ that do meet all the Linux kernel policy requirements.

    Basically if you want to argue nice hardware drivers kurkosdr please present one that passes the basics of Linux Driver policy. Please the driver naming policy that Nvidia spits all over was first done in 1998. So almost every Nvidia closed source driver has disobeyed the rules.

  10. kurkosdr mentioned, “nice hardware drivers and nice proprietary apps”.

    As far as I’m concerned there are no such things because, too often, we’ve seen those break systems. Linus resists releasing drivers that break things. Seeing the source code, bug reports and using FLOSS apps inspires confidence. One loses little using FLOSS compared to putting up with BSODS and EULAs.

  11. kurkosdr says:

    Since using Linux, I have nothing but a stable experience.

    If you live inside the Stallmanite walled garden (FOSS drivers, FOSS apps etc) that is correct.

    If not and you actually want to use nice hardware drivers and nice proprietary apps, not.


    (the reply by the linuxero is fantastic: “It’s not in the repos!11! How do you dare mention that an app outside the walled garden broke, it’s your fault for stepping outside the repository walled garden).

    Obviously, I couldn’t help but respond:


  12. oiaohm says:

    Mac Taylor you don’t know windows. There is such thing as the reg command. Yes its for editing the registry from the command line.
    Introduced in Windows XP. Yes different registry settings can stop regedit from operating.

  13. Mac Taylor says:

    Go to the command line and edit the registry…

    Oh, wait command line is a Linux thing not Windows.

  14. dougman says:

    LOL…this is what you get for relying on Windows!

    Since using Linux, I have nothing but a stable experience.

    Ol’ Mary Jo’, shes hates the series of issues, but look!…just wait for the next series of updates…it will fix everything!

    Seriously, you have to wonder if some people aren’t brain dead beating their head against the wall continuously with such abuse by M$.

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