Hacking Lock-in

“43% of all Swiss government ICT contracts are signed without public tender. For non-ICT related contracts, the number is just 15%”
See Swiss checklist to procuring open source
The Swiss are waking up. They have a lock-in problem and they’ve published a checklist designed to break lock-in giving FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) a chance to defeat that lock-in.

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  1. dougman linked to this, “Forty-two per cent of personal computers sold by the US computer maker in China run the NeoKylin OS”.

    Well, Dell is also investing a lot of money in China. That could result in more sales but they still have plenty of room to grow. China is one of the world’s most competitive PC markets having whole cities designed to crank out PCs. Even with Dell’s huge investments they will take only 1/N share of that market but it will be interesting that they can sell their units for less than the competition and grow market share or the competition will adopt a similar strategy. Things could change dramatically in a year or two. Stuff happens quickly in China when enough people get behind a movement. The economy is growing less rapidly so every OEM and retailer will be struggling to find a way forward growing or keeping market share.

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