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Autumn’s OK

“Autumn could be described as the time of plenty with fruits, nuts and seeds everywhere. There is a dazzling array of colours, shapes and methods that plants employ for spreading the next generation for the following year. These delights are … Continue reading

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PHP Responding To Competition, Improves

“PHP 7.0 is advertised as having twice the performance of PHP 5. Benchmarks of PHP 7.0 RC2 show that these performance claims are indeed accurate, and just not for popular PHP programs like WordPress. In tests done by Phoronix, the … Continue reading

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Thin Clients Thrive In 2015

“Unlike ATMs today which are PCs with banking software and antivirus, the Kalpana is a just simple terminal – also known as thin client – that connects to the Cloud where the actual banking system resides. As the system is on … Continue reading

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