Spikes In Utilization Of GNU/Linux Return In Finland

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There hasn’t been a lot of good news on the stats-front this quarter but things are heating up in Finland. The spikes in utilization are back. This time, XP is not an issue, so this is head to head competition between “10” and desktop GNU/Linux. As before, weekdays are peaks of popularity of desktop GNU/Linux. It seems GNU/Linux could win in Finland.

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16 Responses to Spikes In Utilization Of GNU/Linux Return In Finland

  1. dougman says:

    Woe to those trusting M$ dogfood.

    “The law has always imposed responsibility on companies for the care of their customers. When you’re in the restaurant you have to be protected against slips and falls or food-borne illness,” says Hofnagle. “Data is just something new that companies have to protect if they want to bear the benefits of collecting it.”


  2. dougman says:

    Would You Pay Microsoft to spy on you? Windows 10 is an update that is being used to spy on you through malware. It is placed on your computer through the update and then leaves you helpless against spying through keystrokes, your camera and websites you visit.

  3. dougman says:

    No PhD Loser never contributes anything of worth.

  4. oiaohm says:

    DrLoser you right really to complain about this. Your record is 8 in a row for off topic posts.

  5. DrLoser says:

    Nothing much to say on this one, really.
    Nice to see Dougie concentrating on what he does best, though. Five pointless posts in a row!
    One day he might even get back to that HSE of his!

  6. dougman says:

    InterDigital holds several patents for technologies that must be included in standards-compliant 3G and 4G comms handsets. Microsoft’s suit claims these patents are being abused so that unreasonable licensing charges can extorted from them.


    Turnabout is fair play, no?


  7. dougman says:

    Knowing how many holes there are in the Windows ecosystem, how long will it take for someone to “secure” all this telemetry for themselves and use it against others?

    “Oh, we see you looked up goatse last month, pay us one Bitcoin by 7-days or face the consequences!”


    The thing is, it’s not just Windows 10. If you regularly update your machines, M$ has already added additional telemetry tools to Windows 7 and 8.


  8. dougman says:

    BRIC vs M$, my money and mouth would be on the BRICs.

  9. YY wrote, “It seems the global battle is too big and too diverse geographically, with adversaries too powerful to oppose for MS to overcome.”

    The fact is that many governments are big/powerful enough to oppose M$. It’s largely inertia which prevents them acting. The best way to overcome inertia is to provoke governments, like prodding a grizzly bear with a sharp stick. Write your elected representative. Find a platform and speak the truth. The world can and does make its own software and M$ need not apply.

  10. YY says:

    Yea, and not only Finland or Russia. It’s building up fast, with China, India and Brasil to name a few. Where the last, Brasil, has some interesting and funny legal cases with M$ corruption – by proxy of course – to digest 😉
    It seems the global battle is too big and too diverse geographically, with adversaries too powerful to oppose for MS to overcome.
    Only thing left is to foresee when the evil empire believers will leave the sinking ship, after which they will say they always believed in Linux.
    I always can identify those hypocrites before their cowardly act 😀

  11. Mac Taylor linked to an article with this:“The State Duma’s vice speaker has asked the Russian government to ban the use of the Windows 10 OS among Russian civil servants over fears the American software may give access to classified information and Russian officials’ personal data.”

    Yes! Since “10” is the last OS by M$, this should eventually cut M$ off at the knees in Russia. The slipperiness of “10” to get into systems running “7” or “8*” may induce more than just a ban but a house-cleaning… Hello, GNU/Linux. The acceleration of an heavy object on greased skids comes to mind. 😎

  12. Mac Taylor says:

    Guessing is not only Findland.
    “Senior Russian lawmaker seeks ban on Windows 10 in state agencies”


  13. dougman says:

    Finland surely despises anything with M$ these days, after losing their jobs.

    “Troubles at Nokia, once a source of national pride for Finns, have hardly slowed. Last year, the company sold its once-dominant mobile-phone business to Microsoft. Within three months, Microsoft announced 18,000 layoffs, many of them in Finland. Further job cuts are now under way; Microsoft said it would reduce its Finnish workforce by up to 2,300 employees, or roughly two-thirds of its local workforce. Nokia now focuses almost entirely on its telecom infrastructure business.”


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