Slavery “Necessary” Says Education Department Of Extremadura

“the administration will not cancel the EUR 38 million request for PC hardware and proprietary software licences, published by its predecessor. The procurement includes a request for licences for specific brands and products of proprietary operating systems and office productivity solutions. Spanish and European procurement rules forbid making such requests. The Extremadura school board is also seeking to purchase new hardware, including licences for proprietary operating systems.”
See New Extremadura Govt to support open source in schools

When some bureaucrat tells the world that there are no other options than non-free/slavery software for vocational schools, I know they’re lying. It’s just not true. If businesses want school graduates to use non-free software they should do their own training. It’s not up to government to do what they could do for themselves. It’s not government’s job to preserve the Wintel monopoly. That’s not good for the economy and it’s just wrong to indoctrinate citizens into slavery. Extremadura is cranking out graduates who know GNU/Linux and Free Software. Businesses should accept that and use Free Software too. There’s just no reason that businesses or government should throw money to the wind that could be better spent buying machinery or buildings or hiring people locally.

Think what could be done with €8million or so: hire ~100 teachers, plumbers, electricians, policemen, programmers. Wouldn’t that do more for the local economy than sending money to one of the richest countries on Earth? US GDP per capita is ~$53K. Spain’s is ~$33K. Should Spanish taxpayers work for USA or their own country? Should Spanish taxpayers be M$’s slaves? For Pity’s sake, M$ will donate software to governments that have the spine to order GNU/Linux. Why should any government pay M$ even one cent? If anything M$ should pay governments who actually want M$’s stuff to use it. It’s just crazy to pay far above the market value for stuff just because the taxpayers are “generous”.

From a legal standpoint, an agreement for an illegal purpose, is not a contract. There’s no reason the government should not cancel the contract made by the preceding regime. There’s every reason for the government to fire folks who attempted to break the rules and to jail them. The rules were well known. M$ is constantly objecting to rules for procurement that don’t support Wintel. That’s reason enough to have such rules. That’s reason enough to enforce those rules.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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    Oh, but the politicians want their kickbacks!

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