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On the battlefield, there is lots happening. Occasionally someone does something good that gets mentioned in reports filed. Sometimes its an actual commendation and a medal is issued. Other times it’s just “so-and-so did this”, you know, his/her job… As … Continue reading

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TOOS, The OS For Masochistic Slaves

“the new Windows, due to be released next week, will have users click off on an EULA that pretty much gives Redmond carte blanche to update the system at will, which will include updating apps as well as Windows itself, … Continue reading

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New CIO, New Outlook For GNU/Linux In German Government

“The German federal government is appointing a new chief ICT commissioner. Klaus Vitt, head of IT at Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, is to become the new IT Commissioner of the federal government and Secretary of State at the Ministry of … Continue reading

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