Lenovo Joins The GNU/Linux Club

“Lenovo will be shipping Ubuntu preloaded devices starting with Thinkpad L450 laptop from early this month. The laptops will be available to purchase from selected commercial resellers and distributors throughout the region at prices starting from INR 40,000. This marks another milestone in the global adoption of Ubuntu, and is the first joint launch between Lenovo and Canonical in India – another OEM coming into the fold in a region where Ubuntu already possesses a strong foothold.”
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Lenovo has long supported GNU/Linux but rarely shipped GNU/Linux on PCs. That’s changing. India uses GNU/Linux widely at work and at play. To serve this market, GNU/Linux has to appear on retail shelves. Thank you, Lenovo, for restoring competition to the market for desktop OS. Clearly, India uses GNU/Linux more at work than at play so Lenovo is going where its customers go.

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5 Responses to Lenovo Joins The GNU/Linux Club

  1. dougman says:

    Lenovo has been offering Linux back in 2006, but not visibly on the website.


    I was told that due to agreements with M$ they could only show Windows and “recommend” it, see page 4 as an example.


  2. ram wrote, “Statcounter is little more than a promotional arm of Microsoft and grossly overestimates the amount of Microsoft in use.”

    That may or may not be true but StatCounter has certainly made usage more difficult lately. e.g. You can get a world map for 10-12 July but not 11-12 July. What’s with that? There are times when you can’t take the world back even a few days. It seems to be taking them longer to fudge the data.

  3. ram says:

    Statcounter’s results stats don’t come close to matching personal observation or those of webmasters running many websites. Statcounter is little more than a promotional arm of Microsoft and grossly overestimates the amount of Microsoft in use.

  4. Agent_Smith says:

    Excellent! So I can wipe the hard disk and install my favorite Linux! Very good indeed!

  5. kurkosdr says:

    Good news: More competition for MS

    Bad news: When Canonical will dump Mir on unsuspecting users before it’s ready and before compat problems with X.org are fixed, we are going experience PulseAudio Debacle II The Return. Thus putting Linux pre-installations in ice for the next 8 years or so again.

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