Smartphones Are The New PC And */Linux Rules

“Smartphones first accounted for more than 50% of total quarterly cellphone shipments in the first quarter of 2013. In fourth-quarter 2015, smartphones are forecast to reach 435 million units or 80% of total cellphones shipped, according to IC Insights. On an annual basis, smartphones first surpassed the 50% penetration level in 2013 (54%) and are forecast to represent 93% of total cellphone shipments in 2018.”
See Smartphones to represent 80% of total handset shipments in 4Q15
See StatCounter
According to Digitimes and StatCounter the smartphone is the new PC and */Linux is the winner in a competitive market for client operating systems. That Other OS is still ahead in total share of client OS page-views but is in decline while Linux operating systems grow by high single digits.

This is what the PC-market could have resembled if M$ had not been granted a monopoly by IBM and used illegal means to leverage itself into every corner of IT for decades. Competition is good for everyone. Mass murder of operating systems and intimidation of OEMs was the crime of the century. Thank Goodness we are done with that. The only thing which is a dark cloud over IT is that M$ is still in business rather than having been jailed by governments around the world for restraint of trade.

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16 Responses to Smartphones Are The New PC And */Linux Rules

  1. oiaohm says:

    –I suppose you are right about the OS. I was mainly focused on the hardware. (sigh).–
    Now lets apply the same logic to Android devices. There is a larger percentage when you can replace the installed software with your own and have a full set of drivers than Windows PCs.

    ssorbom the issue you have and I have is that to buy a PC or Phone with the OS wanted configured in a user respecting way costs more.

    Remember Idevices and other phones history have not allowed getting Root at all or replacing the devices firmware with one of your choosing.

    Android devices area step forwards. They could sux a little less.

    Android has paved the way for Ubuntu and Sailfish to have attempts. Ubuntu phones are being designed with the idea they dock and provide the full desktop experience. There are a list of preexisting android phones you can overwrite with Ubuntu phone. Microsoft with Windows 10 is doing the same thing. So Android phones are becoming the Windows PC of this age.

  2. ssorbom says:

    I don’t begrudge people who don’t/can’t pay for it. The reason the “death of the PC bothers me is that options like mine may cease to exist or skyrocket out of what I can afford in the next decade.
    And for the record, my VM OS was gotten via MSDNAA legally. Yes, I did dispose of the original Host OS, that is true.
    And I did consider buying the SUSE version, but the custom builds would have been without a discount. Even without a discount, custom builds were more expensive: slightly above what I could have afforded out of pocket, but I digress.

    I suppose you are right about the OS. I was mainly focused on the hardware. (sigh).

  3. oiaohm says:

    ssorbom in fact you just proved you did not vote with your wallet at all for the product you wanted.

    Instead you bought a product with a OS you had to dispose of. My last laptops have been Linux or blank out box.

    My last nexus was developer so pre jail broken from factory. No jail-breaking required either. This makes it clear to suppliers I don’t want to have to jail-break.
    You could have bought that Elitebook with freedos or SUSE Linux straight from HP. Heck you can custom order elitebook 820 with debian or other company image Linux pre-installed.

    Reusing the OEM Windows license inside a Virtual Machine is not allowed by the EULA license itself. So unless you are one of the list of countries with law exceptions allow it you are running pirated windows Ssorbom.

    See you had a chance to vote with you cash then choose not to.

    Really you are not in any position to throw stones at people having to Jail break android devices because they were not willing to spend the right amount of money Ssorbom.

  4. ssorbom says:

    I did vote with my wallet.
    It runs Jessie 8.1 KDE perfectly (Windows is now relegated to a VM), and (save for the SSD) it will likely last me a decade. It is only .5 pounds heavier than a chromebook and probably in the neighborhood of 5 times faster. No jailbreaking required.
    To be fair, I got it at a discount and in the end it wasn’t actually paid for by me. But I was ready to pay out of pocket.

  5. oiaohm says:

    ssorbom number 1 death of the PC is not the death to Debian.
    Or Ubuntu or most other core Linux Distributions. They will just evolve.
    –The death of the PC means the extinction of Desktop OS’s like Debian.–
    So claiming this is baseless bull crap. Debian users for years have converted PC that came with Windows to to run Debian. Phones have really been no different.

    Death of the x86 PC leaves behind stuff like the Raspberry PI.

    ssorbom you say moving the goalposts. From ability to convert to any Linux. Most android devices are simpler than a Lot of Windows PCs.

    ssorbom like it or not there is more freedom with a Android smart-phone to customize the OS than any other smartphone before it.

    The FOSS world has been fighting to get a large foot hold in phones for a long time. Openmoko and other projects before Android got really started come to mind.

    –I shouldn’t NEED to “jailbreak” a device I already own. —
    So why don’t you buy one of the phones you don’t need to jailbreak. Developer edition Nexus for example come out the box jail broken(yes those are android and can remove or install app system stuff without being required to use adb shell). Same with sailfish OS devices.

    ssorbom the reality here very few people are willing to pay for freedom including you. Instead people like ssorbom go on and on about lack of freedom even when freedom options are provided. If don’t vote with your dollars on these points don’t expect me to show you anything sympathy.

    Now ssorbom if you had came in here complaining about having to pay a premium to have freedom on smart phones you would have had something.

    Also the FOSS world is split into two major communities. OSS and GNU. Claiming we have moved the goal posts question what Community do we own to here.

    By OSS the goal posts have not moved at all.

    Android is not that broken what is broken is that the population willing will purchase it in locked mode. Yes Android is on the shelf in stores in both modes locked and unlocked as well as jail broken and not jail broken. 90+ percent of the population willing by a non jail broken device.

    Android the freedom is there for the taking.

  6. ssorbom says:

    I’ve been mulling over the “death of the PC” issue for a long time, and I really can’t see why you are so happy about it. The death of the PC means the extinction of Desktop OS’s like Debian. Yes, I know about chroot and jailbreaking. Don’t go there. I shouldn’t NEED to “jailbreak” a device I already own. As the term implies, Android et al. are crippled by design. How is that “freedom”? I wish the FOSS community had tried to win the desktop wars properly instead of moving the goalposts and claiming victory, because there is no real freedom at all in a world dominated by smartphones.

    Put another way, I wish the industry had focused on adding phone capabilities to existing computational paradigms rather than adding computing capabilities to cell phones.

  7. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr the 1000 some are indy games. Of course you are not observing how applications are being developed at all so are a complete idiot in this field.

  8. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr sorry sucker.
    Yes it possible to use Glibc dynamic binaries on Android devices.

    Some android apks are using standard GNU/ Linux programs inside.

    Nop anyone saying */Linux does not exist is kinda a Dofus. The reality */Linux exists its just evilly limited at this stage.

    */Linux has the same problem of not having a very well developed runtime.

    What I did not tell you straight away that there are applications already that ship for Linux and Android that are in fact two runtimes and same application binary. So yes */Linux applications exists but its less than 1000 applications.

  9. kurkosdr says:

    So, targeting “*/Linux” is impossible from a practical perspective, thatnks for confirming that (i don’t care if it’s possible if you PutEnoughEffort). Which of course means that anyone who mentions “*/Linux” as if it’s a platform is a doofus.

  10. oiaohm says:

    */Linux can be targeted if someone puts in enough effort. Ok virtual machine ish.

    kurkosdr really this */Linux arguement is the your cannot release 1 binary for all GNU/Linux distributions recycled and give a different name. That steam goes and proves that you can with GNU/Linux by making a runtime. There is no reason why the steam runtime could not be made functional on Android.

    Android has had full Linux chroots installed on it. So fairly much it has a Linux kernel you have Linux syscalls and you can go from there.

    */Linux people could say are future looking people who are aware that between */Linux systems there is in fact enough commonality to make a Unified runtime. The fact a Unified runtime does not exist in mass deployment yet does not mean it will not.

    Yes could split you application development in two on */Linux systems. Half for runtimes/platform dependence and half making a unified binary that all the individual runtime use.

    Ok what is a */Linux would have been a better question
    Because if */Linux is only a system that can do Linux syscalls items like this come into play.

    There is a possibility to use Linux binaries universally. Yes the common arguement against releasing a Linux binary is that the Windows version works in wine could become in time inverted.

    kurkosdr basically does not learn even from his own history.

  11. oiaohm says:

    CP/M and GEOS lost contracts with supplies due to the fact suppliers would have to pay Microsoft for all machines sold not just for machines with MS-Dos.

  12. kurkosdr says:

    Oh and BTW, how do I target that “*/Linux” thing you keep talking about? (I mean userspace software here)

    Can you point me to an example of a calculator app example and text editor app example that targets that “*/Linux” thing I keep hearing about?

    People who say “*/Linux” are just a little bit less dumb than the people who say things like “Asian people”.

  13. kurkosdr says:

    (oh crap oh crap, this is how TEG and DrLoser must feel every time I post nonsense in TMR)

    This is what the PC-market could have resembled if M$ had not been granted a monopoly by IBM and used illegal means to leverage itself into every corner of IT for decades.
    So, CP/M, GEOS, and OS/2 never happened? Also, AmigaOS and MacOS must be some kind of comic book heroes, I have no recollection of those names being used to name operating systems.

    For the 8th time or so: Windows survived the real OS wars of the late 80s and the early 90s, both inside and outside the PC-compatible world.

  14. dougman says:

    Win-Dohs is not synonymous with “smart” phones.

  15. Max wrote, “a PC is a IBM compatible desktop or laptop”.

    The “P” in PC stands for personal. There’s nothing more personal in IT than a smartphone. Even I walk around with one sometimes (GPS, camera, voice recorder, emergency calls…). The legacy PC may be able to do a few things a smartphone can’t due to memory limits and such but those are corner cases. The smartphone is the new PC.

  16. Max says:

    Well. according to that small blue circle next to the word “Desktop” in StatCounter, a PC is a IBM compatible desktop or laptop. You’re basically distorting statistics in order to make yourself look credible. It’s deceptive.

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