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MH370 Debris Washed Up On Reunion

“Latest news as Malaysia sends investigators to see whether wreckage found on the French Island of Reunion, believed to be a moving part on the wing called a flaperon, comes from missing Boeing 777” See MH370 search: plane debris ‘almost certainly … Continue reading

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M$ Is At It Again, Lying About Costs

“con OpenOffice la spesa annuale per singolo utente è stata stimata pari a oltre 500 Euro, ben superiore rispetto alla precedente spesa annuale per utente di Office pari a circa 118 Euro Google’s Translation:with OpenOffice annual spending per user has been … Continue reading

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On The Verge Of Going Public, M$’s Fix Breaks Stuff

“I have 8 machines with build 10240. They are all different configurations and several are clean installs and several are in place 8.1 Upgrade. (Testing purposes). Before this update, essentially smooth sailing since 10240 release.It may be a free upgrade … Continue reading

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Turkey Steps Up

“Turkish planes have for the first time carried out air strikes against Islamic State (IS) group targets in Syria.Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the air strikes, on three IS positions, “completely destroyed” their targets.On Thursday, Turkish forces exchanged fire with … Continue reading

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Jack Wallen Gets It

“The only reason more people aren’t using Linux is because they can’t go to a big box store and purchase a computer with Linux pre-installed. If the masses could head over to Best Buy or Target and drop a few … Continue reading

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I just signed up for a seminar on the web. The organization sent me a reminder e-mail and suggested I check my system…“Operating System Failed We have detected that your operating system does not meet the optimal webinar specifications for … Continue reading

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Little By Little, The World Is Freeing Itself From M$

Measuring the world’s software Freedom by M$’s licensing revenue: Consumers are 34% more free than the same quarter last year Businesses are 7% more free than the same quarter last year although they saved M$’s bacon by buying other stuff… … Continue reading

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FLOSS, The Right Way To Do Policing IT In Belgium

“Belgium’s police forces are increasingly switching to open source web technology. The federal police and already 49 local police forces across the country are using the platform for their websites. In total 126 of police websites in Belgium are … Continue reading

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Mentioned In Posts

On the battlefield, there is lots happening. Occasionally someone does something good that gets mentioned in reports filed. Sometimes its an actual commendation and a medal is issued. Other times it’s just “so-and-so did this”, you know, his/her job… As … Continue reading

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TOOS, The OS For Masochistic Slaves

“the new Windows, due to be released next week, will have users click off on an EULA that pretty much gives Redmond carte blanche to update the system at will, which will include updating apps as well as Windows itself, … Continue reading

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New CIO, New Outlook For GNU/Linux In German Government

“The German federal government is appointing a new chief ICT commissioner. Klaus Vitt, head of IT at Germany’s Federal Employment Agency, is to become the new IT Commissioner of the federal government and Secretary of State at the Ministry of … Continue reading

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Audit, Bargain, Close

“Powa Technologies Ltd., a mobile payments company located in the U.K., which about a year ago began moving from Oracle and IBM products to open source software. The limited migrations attempted so far have proved to be so successful that … Continue reading

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