Desktop/Notebook PCs Stagnate In MEA

“IDC expects the MEA PC market to remain almost flat between 2015 and 2019. However, there will be a gradual shift in the weight of demand from consumers to the commercial segment as a growing proportion of home users switch from PCs to tablets and smartphones and commercial end users maintain their loyalty towards PCs.”
See High Inventory Levels Signal Further Declines for Middle East & Africa PC Market
What should be an emerging market for the classic PC is instead an emerging market for smartphones and tablets. The poor, newbies, youth, and consumers don’t need the bloat of Wintel, folks. The markets are speaking because people have a choice in IT these days, thanks to */Linux and ARM.

I think IDC is optimistic for the outlook for business use of PCs. While a lot of businesses use local applications needing huge monitor, keyboard and mouse, a lot of businesses have employees with meagre needs for data input, great needs for mobility and everyone needs to cut costs in a competitive world. The UPS guy who delivered stuff to me carried a tablet to pick up my signature, not a legacy PC. Salesmen and clerks are mostly consumers of content, not producers. There are a lot of those in the world of business. Businesses used to claim they needed Wintel because their people “knew” it. Well, Android/Linux on ARM is the new Wintel, just a lot less expensive and folks can see the code…
On Thursday, 2015 June 11, 23.35% of page-views counted by StatCounter on a global scale were from Android/Linux. On Thursday, 2014 June 12, the share was only 15.11%, so the annual growth is over 50% per annum, far above stagnation. In Africa the growth of Android/Linux is even higher, nearly 100% per annum. It’s second only to “7”, so far… In Turkey, June 10, Android/Linux was ahead of “7” by more than 1%. In fact, in much of Africa and Asia, and Poland, Paraguay and Costa Rica Android/Linux gets more page-views than That Other OS. Wintel, eat your heart out.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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18 Responses to Desktop/Notebook PCs Stagnate In MEA

  1. ram says:

    “…state-secrets and those who have pieces of the Roswell ET ship…”

    Actually Roswell was caused by monkeys (literally) flying an atomic powered experimental aircraft. So 1950’s, and so stupid — then as now — hence the coverup.
    No mystery really.

    “Nobody “lifts” data from your local machine…”

    Yeah right! Try loading some sales media (say from a DVD) supplied by one of any of the international arms dealers (say Thales) on a machine connected to the Internet. It will quickly establish (which they think is covert) an encrypted connection to one of their servers and try to siphon everything and anything they can, starting with documents with certain keywords.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Also, your Galaxy S cannot run new apps (most require 4.04 or higher). Only firefox and a few other apps (Shazam) still support Gingerbread. Your hardware can do 4.04 (my Optimus 3D does), but nope. Yeah… “works”.</b.
    How much bull crap are you going to post.

    Galaxy S support CM-11 in testing and CM-10.2 in stable Guess what that is Android 4.3 in stable and 4.4 in testing.

    kurkosdr I think it would have been wise to ask what firmware Robert is running on his Galaxy S before going off on a rant. Third party updated Galaxy S devices are able to run quite modern Android software.

    Galaxy S hardware limit is Android 4.x series you might think.

    Yep someone got Android 5.1 running on a old Galaxy S.

    The Galaxy S asks the serous question how often would people replace their phones of the software was update-able. Yes Galaxy S from 2010 is quite able to run 2015 software. I really do suspect phones could have 10 year life spans without problems.

    Exactly what is wrong with installation (5.x) of apps delay. Think how often you install applications in the field. 5.x is AOT so cost on install then after that native performance.

  3. kurkosdr says:


    Or you can just realise that you have no state-secrets in your harddrive or evidence that the Roswell incident was a crashed extra-terrestial vehicle (though I am sure you are constantly in search for the latter), and stop caring.

    Nobody “lifts” data from your local machine to send targeted ads or create a n ad profile of you. It would be illegal to do it and they would find themselves in major legal trouble. Only stuff you yourself upload to the internet and moves you do on some internet service gets “lifted”. And NSA only targets people who possess state-secrets and those who have pieces of the Roswell ET ship hidden in their cupboards :p

  4. ram says:

    Eh, guys, with respect to “smartphones” and many other devices, all the “security” has been breached at the hardware level. The software doesn’t matter. The silicon has been compromised from the beginning. You can figure out whose from where 😉 In most cases, in this spy versus spy world, all the major players have compromised everybody else ;-D Forget about telephone “security” — too many players, too well funded, too well resourced. Organized crime figured this out ages ago — and doesn’t use telephones at all ;-D

  5. kurks says:

    My ancient Galaxy S smartphone still works for me.

    And by “works” you mean that it has the same processing power and RAM as a mid-to-hi-end machine from 2004, but it can’t launch a browser without constanty “forgetting” tabs (and having to reload them) and lagging all the time.

    Sure, you can minimize the VM penalty with JIT and caching, but the all-native experience is superior. A lot superior.

    Also, your Galaxy S cannot run new apps (most require 4.04 or higher). Only firefox and a few other apps (Shazam) still support Gingerbread. Your hardware can do 4.04 (my Optimus 3D does), but nope. Yeah… “works”.

  6. kurkosdr wrote, “Now Google gets to own 85+% of mobile users and install any blob they want via PlayServices, while all the FOSS community got is a crappy OS with audio stuttering issues, and with a moronic VM that delays execution (android 4.x) or installation (5.x) of apps.”

    Hah! My ancient Galaxy S smartphone still works for me. Then there’s still GNU/Linux, the intelligent choice of an OS.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Muahahaha… Not.

    As normal here is kurkosdr going off half cocked. The fact the FOSS world does audit things did this get picked up.

    Next kurkosdr the Google provided binary called Chrome on Windows is doing the same security breach as Chromium is. Yet its not the Windows users who detect this and got upset.

    I hope all the FOSSies learned their lesson. They rooted and rooted for Android, because they thought the Market, Maps and Gmail would be the only proprietary blobs for the foreseeable future.
    Have you not noticed people like me calling Android a stepping stone. Because we never believed that. It was only a matter of time before google did something too wrong. Lets forget the Android devices you can run Sailfish on. BRICS federation does not trust Android so have chosen Sailfish instead. But before Android there was not the compatible hardware so you were trapped if you wanted a smart phone into Apple or Microsoft both could do stuff outside your control.

    Besides you just brought in why NACL is worse than WebAssembly. NACL cannot be dissembled effectively to see what it doing. exists because vendors don’t trust Google play services.

    Notice here Xiaomi is mentioned. Lot of Xiaomi devices counted as Android are in fact Color OS and don’t contain Google play services. by the way that 85+ percent is bull crap.

    65% is Android with Google Play-services. 20 percent of Android out there is AOSP without Google Play-services. Yes it possible to opt out of Google play.

  8. kurkosdr says:


    I hope all the FOSSies learned their lesson. They rooted and rooted for Android, because they thought the Market, Maps and Gmail would be the only proprietary blobs for the foreseeable future.

    Now Google gets to own 85+% of mobile users and install any blob they want via PlayServices, while all the FOSS community got is a crappy OS with audio stuttering issues, and with a moronic VM that delays execution (android 4.x) or installation (5.x) of apps.

    This is why I never trusted ABMers. “Anyone” but Microsoft? What if that “anyone” is even worse?

  9. oiaohm says:

    antifanboy sorry Microsoft idea to merge the two. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes to mind.

    –Stop lumping phones, tablets and game consoles in the same category.–
    Lets bring up the idea of Phones and Tablets. Game consoles you have a point you can pick them out in the data most cases.
    So a 21 Inch device with a keyboard and mouse and no battery is a tablet??? Without question something like the State-21 from Hp is a arm based PC running Android. You will find Lenovo and Dell also make products like this.

    Reality here is Android is a PC OS as well as a Tablet and Phone OS.

    Big problem how do we separate it when statcounter does not separate Android PC class devices from Android Tablet and Phone devices.

    antifanboy you can request that we don’t mix arm with x86 even this is not possible because statcounter and other webstats don’t collect what cpu the android devices are. Yes Android runs on x86, arm and mips.

    Any pure intel chipset 64 bit PC with EFI can run

    Really when Android is a desktop OS. And is sold as a Desktop OS . Why should its market presence not be compared against other Desktop OS out there.

    Now if you don’t want us phones/tablet into the mix provide as with stats that truly do separate Andriod out properly into its 3 types.

  10. antifanboy says:

    Mats Hagglund you (conveniently) forgot “year of the Linux DESKTOP”. Stop lumping phones, tablets and game consoles in the same category.

  11. Mats Hagglund says:

    We are already living in reality where 80% of clients are mobiles and just about 20% are pc. That’s why the talk of “year of the Linux” underlines that those people are living in the past. The OS war is over and Linux has already won it.

  12. oiaohm says:
    This is a very good read. Orcale has kinda end up on the receiving end of a problem.

  13. ram says:

    Even the people who need a large monitor, keyboard, and mouse, can plug all of those things into a Raspberry Pi 2 running Linux and it will do 99% of the things one might need in an office. For those who require a fancier case and power supply, there are NUC boxen and ComputeSticks from Intel, small boxen from Shuttle, and even most tablets have external device interfaces. Not much room for Microsoft on sub $100 computers.

  14. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr please note over 50 percent of Android devices world wide don’t contain Google services. Google play for instance does not work great behind chinas firewall. So android percentages split become about 1/2 google 1/2 some other odd ball variation. Microsoft is attempting to get into the Variation game on Android. Android variations only exist because the source is open. Yes a project open source recreating Google play services.

    Basically most of your arguement about Google going to be able to close source the API/ABI and lock other players out the game has not come to pass.

    kurkosdr is not Google that is surrounding Microsoft. Its ODM who are surrounding Microsoft who are using Google as one of their options todo it. And the ODM with microg are not going to bow to Google control either.

    Really all this arguement for you kurkosdr that Android is not functional open source is a lot of bogus crap. Was valid for a while but no more.

    Problem here is stats counter does not tell the difference between AOSP Android and Google Android.

    –Not FOSS software, not “*/Linux”. Google. —
    This line is wrong. ODMs before Google were doing Linux based devices independently because they hated Microsoft. All Google has done is unify the ODM focus. Unless Microsoft can win back the ODM’s Microsoft is in trouble.

    ODM do not care if the software is FOSS or not completely. ODM more care about being able to provide unique features to customers to set themselves out in the market.

    The fact ODMs are not going to bow to Google is why clones of anything Google attempts to place closed source on Android will happen over and over again. So the battle here is really not FOSS just company greed for control at work. For those that don’t know the biggest reason why FOSS is funding is nothing more than company greed for absolute control over what they are using.

  15. oiaohm says:

    Really kurkosdr take a closer look at those numbers. If you add all the Windows versions up into a single number you don’t reach 50 percent. So every second device to visit your site will not be Windows. With about 1/4 being Android.

    The map robert has shows countries where Android is the OS over 50 percent.

    Windows 10 release merging Windows 8.1,8 and 7 user base will hide the decline a little.

    Online services Microsoft might in fact be third or forth. You have to remember China internal on-line services and amazon.

    Microsoft would be currently second in on-line services if they are lucky more likely third or forth.

  16. kurkosdr says:

    distant second in lost online services = distant second in online services


  17. kurkosdr says:

    <S = MS

  18. kurkosdr says:

    Lololol, Microsoft going from contender in every contest (in the consumer space) to a company milking two form factors (laptops and desktops), in one handy picture:

    90s and early-2000s kids remember how Microsoft used to be big in online services (with Messenger and Hotmail) and big in mobile (with PocketPC/WinMo, which used to be the top smartphone platform if Symbian S60 phones which were used as feature phones by most buyers are excluded).

    BTW, I am interested to see how the battle for the digital living room will play out. Will Microsoft be able to keep their position (with Xbox), when Android TV has already started rolling out in most Sony and all Sharp and Philips TVs? (2015 model years). Since <S have already lost mobile and is a distant second in lost online services, if they lose the digital living room too, their desktops and laptops will be literally surrounded by Google.

    Not FOSS software, not "*/Linux". Google.

    PS: Saying "*/Linux" is like saying "wireless networks". It's such a broad term that doesn't mean anything. To make my point clear, how do I make a userspace binary targeting */Linux and doing useful things?

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